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•   Bob Toole (1959)


•   Steven Lauderdale (1970)  4/21
•   Ann Dilling (Stewart) (1992)  4/17
•   Jennie Gerard (Moore) (1962)  4/17
•   Brittany Spitznagle (2012)  4/14
•   Lynn Brown (1968)  4/13
•   James Borton (1967)  4/12
•   Kristian Jenkins (2008)  4/11
•   Craig Groninger (1968)  4/7
•   Mary Anne Hyman (Burton) (1976)  4/4
•   Linda Lentner (Landes) (1972)  4/3
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7 live in Alabama
2 live in Alaska
30 live in Arizona
5 live in Arkansas
4 live in Armed Forces Europe
38 live in California
18 live in Colorado
5 live in Connecticut
1 lives in District Of Columbia
81 live in Florida
29 live in Georgia
2 live in Hawaii
1 lives in Idaho
52 live in Illinois
1,853 live in Indiana
9 live in Iowa
7 live in Kansas
12 live in Kentucky
5 live in Louisiana
7 live in Maryland
2 live in Massachusetts
18 live in Michigan
7 live in Minnesota
3 live in Mississippi
20 live in Missouri
3 live in Montana
3 live in Nevada
2 live in New Hampshire
1 lives in New Jersey
6 live in New Mexico
7 live in New York
17 live in North Carolina
2 live in North Dakota
35 live in Ohio
10 live in Oklahoma
12 live in Oregon
3 live in Pennsylvania
1 lives in Puerto Rico
2 live in Rhode Island
18 live in South Carolina
2 live in South Dakota
31 live in Tennessee
44 live in Texas
1 lives in Utah
1 lives in Vermont
1 lives in Virgin Islands
19 live in Virginia
20 live in Washington
7 live in Wisconsin
1 lives in Wyoming
1 lives in Alberta
1 lives in Nunavut
3 live in Ontario
2 live in Australia
1 lives in Belgium
1 lives in Cambodia
1 lives in China
1 lives in Colombia
1 lives in Czech Republic
1 lives in Ecuador
1 lives in Egypt
1 lives in France
6 live in Germany
1 lives in Guatemala
1 lives in Iraq
1 lives in Ireland
1 lives in Israel
1 lives in Italy
1 lives in Japan
1 lives in Kuwait
2 live in Mexico
1 lives in Philippines
1 lives in Sweden
5,365 location unknown
2,607 are deceased


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 Welcome to the Oracle Alumni Website

This website has the potential of bringing many past graduates the ability to communicate with their classmates who they may have not spoken to in years.  It also can aid in the planning or ignite class reunions either by class or by a group of classes.  It can reunite teammates, band members, and various other school groups and bring back memories of elementary days, middle school days, and high school days from the playground to the school plays.  The most important attribute would be to enhance a feeling of pride and cohesiveness between the school and community.  Mellencamp's "Small Town" and Springsteen's "Glory days" express the nostalgia of times past but this website can bring the reality of reminiscing with your classmates about your school years.
 I would like to thank Kathy Zink "84", Joel Robbins "84", Jim Vianco "62", and Ron Israel "67" for their diligent work they have done so far and the much work to be done in the future with this website. 
To become a member, which is free, click on "Classmate Profile" to the right for more information.  Members will not be solicited for any fundraising or receive emails.   Non-members can not access profiles and participate with e-mail contacts.   
Norm Miller

Delphi's progress with the Stellar Communities is gaining national attention as was reported on WLFI here.  

This is a picture of two upgraded store fronts at the intersection of Old 25 and 421 on the Courthouse square.  The store to the left will be a the new home of a Yogurt shop and the store on the right is the office of attorney Nick McLeland class of 1998.


                                                        Delphi's Uh Changing                                                                             

There are going to be two major building projects in Delphi which will provide a total of 44 one and two bedroom rental units all within walking distance of the town square.  This is going to be a major attraction for potential newcomers and especially seniors to settle in our community.  Both projects are to be completed by the fall of 2015.

One site will be located in the former Culligan building and the Centennial Carll Bros Block where there will be 16 lofts constructed.  The former Culligan building was donated by the Young family to the Delphi Preservation Society.  The Stellar Award given to Delphi last year is instrumental in enabling this construction to take place.

The second site is on North Market Street where the former Martins Used Furniture store and the REMC pole barn are located.  The structure will contain 28 one and two bedroom units which will be owned by the Area IV Development Corporation who will be the site manager for both developments.


The apartments will be for all ages and although not government subsidized rents will be set according to the tenant’s income.  Renters could also participate in community action programs, such as rental and energy assistance.  This is going to meet an ongoing need for cost efficient quality rental housing in Delphi. Check out Oracle Offshoots to see layouts of the apartments and lofts.

Delphi Schools recently received very good letter grades from the state of Indiana!  Check out the details in the Comet article at


Check out the awesome new online version of the high school's Parnassus.  Parnassus advisor Amy Tonsoni and her kids have done a fabulous job.  Click here  and follow them on Twitter @dchsparnassus


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