In Memory

By Year Deceased Alphabetically Yearbook Photo


Ricky Acheson (Class Of 1973)  
Helen Allen (Smith) (Class Of 1949)  
Douglas Anderson (Class Of 1978)  
Karen Brovont (Cofer) (Class Of 1978)  
Jerry Brown (Class Of 1983)  
Carla Cobbs (Nichols) (Class Of 1974)  
Annadell Craig (Lamb) (Class Of 1942)  
Jerry Dubes (Class Of 1970)  
Jennifer Garrison (Banes) (Class Of 1993)  
Russell Garrison (Class Of 1977)  
Tim Grant (Class Of 1984)  
Jeremy Hayden (Class Of 1996)  
David Houser (Class Of 1966)  
Barbara Kenworthy (Adams) (Class Of 1953)  
George Kerlin (Class Of 1962)  
Danny Lamb (Class Of 1966)  
Virginia Sue Liebert (Class Of 1964)  
Lane Martin (Class Of 1968)  
Joe Maxwell (Class Of 1957)  
Greg McCormick (Class Of 1981)  
Josephine Morrow (White) (Class Of 1939)  
Ronald Murphy (Class Of 1960)  
Jack Nape (Class Of 1954)  
Diana Pearson (Shockley) (Class Of 1964)  
Don Roth (Class Of 1959)  
Nancy Rule (Richards) (Class Of 1958)  
Mary Shaffer (Clawson Brown) (Class Of 1953)  
Leveda Smith (Class Of 1965)  
William Spicer (Class Of 1969)  
Kirk Sterrett (Class Of 1989)  
John Christopher Strantz (Class Of 1966)  
Kenneth Stuart (Class Of 1968)  
George Tharp (Class Of 1953)  
Linda VanSickle (Kingma) (Class Of 1962)  
Susan Walters (Brubaker) (Class Of 1974)  
Sarah Ann Wells (VanSickle) (Class Of 1945)  
Judith Wray (Collins) (Class Of 1961)  
Sherrie Yoder (Class Of 1970)  

Jayne Abbott (Class Of 1981)  
William Anderson (Class Of 1968)  
Donald Beattie (Class Of 1969)  
John Berkshsire (Class Of 1963)  
Linda Boehning (Farner) (Class Of 1966)  
Joan Boyd (Wood /Ford) (Class Of 1977)  
Stanley Braden (Class Of 1968)  
Bobby Brooks (Class Of 1979)  
Robert Brooks (Class Of 1964)  
Jane Brookshire (Downing) (Class Of 1943)  
Sue Brown (Fesler) (Class Of 1966)  
Candace Butcher (Class Of 1972)  
Adam Caldwell (Class Of 1999)  
Kathleen R. Clawson (Cleaver) (Class Of 1945)  
William Clawson (Class Of 1964)  
Joan Clifford (Class Of 1948)  
Betty Jean Cole (Sprague) (Class Of 1956)  
Frances Cripe (Stingley Lohrman) (Class Of 1948)  
Ron Cripe (Class Of 1958)  
Mary Crosby (Mestousis) (Class Of 1954)  
Arnold Crowder (Class Of 1954)  
Shirley Dilling (Moore) (Class Of 1958)  
Charlotte Disinger (Crowder) (Class Of 1962)  
Bob Duff (Class Of 1953)  
William Duff (Class Of 1972)  
William Emerson (Class Of 1967)  
Jeff Enoch (Class Of 1980)  
William Freeman, Jr. (Class Of 1964)  
Janet Grantham (Israel) (Class Of 1969)  
Frances Grassmyer (Hathaway) (Class Of 1947)  
Janis Grassmyer (Zook) (Class Of 1949)  
Karl Grimm (Class Of 1967)  
Justine Hackett (Cunningham) (Class Of 1956)  
Jim Hankins (Class Of 1973)  
John Hanna (Class Of 1956)  
Frank Herron (Class Of 1955)  
Ralph Hughes (Class Of 1954)  
Zarayda Hughes (Houser) (Class Of 1964)  
Pamela Humphrey (Schnepp) (Class Of 1967)  
David Isaacs (Class Of 1965)  
Tom Ives (Class Of 1949)  
Jacob Janz (Class Of 1943)  
Pearl Johns (Sines) (Class Of 1947)  
Diana Keller (Beall) (Class Of 1965)  
William Kempf (Class Of 1967)  
Stephen Kennedy (Class Of 1977)  
Joyce Lamb (Sullivan) (Class Of 1954)  
Matt Lewis (Class Of 2008)  
Thomas Marchand (Class Of 1977)  
Claudine Martin (Class Of 1953)  
Chuck Maxwell (Class Of 1974)  
Gregory Mikels (Class Of 1979)  
Dan Minks (Class Of 1962)  
Gary Moore (Class Of 1970)  
Donald Morgan (Class Of 1970)  
Donna Myers (Ward) (Class Of 1945)  
June Newell (Million-Haase) (Class Of 1949)  
May Pettit (Fry) (Class Of 1982)  
Thomas Redmon (Class Of 1950)  
Imogene Rhine (Reed) (Class Of 1946)  
Billy Ridgeway (Class Of 1966)  
Pauline Ross (Humbarger) (Class Of 1943)  
Sally Runsford (Ragan) (Class Of 1963)  
Dennis Shockey (Class Of 1965)  
Betty Simons (Sheehan) (Class Of 1952)  
Brittney Smith (Class Of 2010)  
Darla Sterrett (Cowell) (Class Of 1967)  
Pamela Stewart (Rhine) (Class Of 1977)  
Linda Stockton (Covington) (Class Of 1969)  
Donald Stoner (Class Of 1957)  
Rob Strasser (Class Of 1982)  
John Sumpter (Class Of 1963)  
Maxine Tatlock (Ludwig) (Class Of 1946)  
Nina Vaughan (Stewart) (Class Of 1940)  
Sara Jane Vaughan (Class Of 1960)  
Dolorita Vianco (Gaunt) (Class Of 1956)  
Joan Ward (Slavens) (Class Of 1950)  
Ray Ward (Class Of 1955)  
Dick Wasson (Class Of 1949)  
Shawn Weaver (Class Of 1993)  
Richard Weidner (Class Of 1949)  
Don Wells (Class Of 1967)  
Dennis Wilson (Class Of 1971)  
Wanda Yates (Best) (Class Of 1952)  
William Yeager (Class Of 1970)  
Lois Young (Dusthimer) (Class Of 1956)  
Maxine Zinn (Victor) (Class Of 1947)  

Carmen Allbaugh (Wise) (Class Of 1944)  
Joseph Anderson (Class Of 1975)  
Linda Arnold (Penn) (Class Of 1966)  
Nancy Ashba (Saulmon) (Class Of 1956)  
Byard Beaver (Class Of 1958)  
Diana Benker (Trapp) (Class Of 1965)  
Tom Benner (Class Of 1953)  
Bradford Brummett (Class Of 1976)  
Janice Buchanan (Byers) (Class Of 1958)  
Gene Clawson (Class Of 1960)  
Leila Clawson (Humbard) (Class Of 1940)  
George Collins (Class Of 1967)  
Bob Cripe (Class Of 1952)  
Delores Cripe (Carson) (Class Of 1949)  
Dale Crowder (Class Of 1954)  
Helen Dubes (Cree) (Class Of 1944)  
Francis Friday (Shull-Britton) (Class Of 1943)  
Doris Fross (Fouts) (Class Of 1950)  
James Gascho (Class Of 1971)  
Peggy Gianoulis (Thacker) (Class Of 1967)  
Oscar "Buddy" Hall (Class Of 1960)  
Betty Harris (Shoemaker) (Class Of 1959)  
Dorothy Hitchcock (Wray) (Class Of 1945)  
Carolyn Isaacs (Matovich) (Class Of 1954)  
James Jeffries (Class Of 1954)  
Norma Johnson (Burton) (Class Of 1948)  
Jesse Kelly (Class Of 1966)  
Linda Lachenmaier (Lybrook) (Class Of 1958)  
Steven Lauderdale (Class Of 1970)  
Rachel Lawson (Class Of 2005)  
Mary Logan (Barnaby) (Class Of 1941)  
Ronnie Long (Class Of 1957)  
Kathleen Martin (Class Of 1988)  
J. Eric McCormick (Class Of 1962)  
Jill McFadden (Berry) (Class Of 1974)  
Stephen McLeland (Class Of 1974)  
Donald McLemore (Class Of 1956)  
Richard Messick (Class Of 1974)  
Kathy Myers (Kendall) (Class Of 1979)  
Robert Myers (Class Of 1960)  
Herb Parks (Class Of 1951)  
Lloyd Phillips (Class Of 1959)  
Roberta Popejoy (Mattio) (Class Of 1966)  
Frances Reef (Peters) (Class Of 1948)  
Peggy Roberson (King) (Class Of 1984)  
Mark Schilling (Class Of 1970)  
Joyce Scowden (Whitman) (Class Of 1965)  
Frank Sechrist (Class Of 1978)  
James M. Shaffer (Class Of 1941)  
Helen Spicer (Slifer) (Class Of 1967)  
Michael Torres  
Donald Zerfas (Class Of 1969)  

Rob Alberts (Class Of 1983)  
Shaun Alderman (Class Of 1977)  
John Aldrich (Class Of 1966)  
Daniel Anderson (Class Of 1961)  
Dick Blickenstaff (Class Of 1947)  
Kenneth Blohm (Class Of 1966)  
Mary Frances Calhoon (Wray) (Class Of 1945)  
Larry Clawson (Class Of 1960)  
Dorothy Clifford (Lidester) (Class Of 1944)  
Frank Andrew Clifford (Class Of 1976)  
Mary Clifford (Christie) (Class Of 1946)  
Jim Cope (Class Of 1956)  
Chris Daly (Class Of 1978)  
Richard Daniels (Class Of 1965)  
Dick Davis (Class Of 1953)  
Karen Dill (Phillips) (Class Of 1962)  
Richard Dillman (Class Of 1964)  
William Dubes (Class Of 1969)  
Barbara Felix (Class Of 1965)  
Ed Floyd (Class Of 1959)  
Thomas Fountain (Class Of 1968)  
Larry Fuller (Class Of 1970)  
Lowell Groninger (Class Of 1956)  
Paul Gushwa (Class Of 1946)  
Pearl Hayden (DeKay) (Class Of 1953)  
Eva Herr (Flores) (Class Of 1986)  
Noreeta Herr (Pearson) (Class Of 1955)  
Lisa Hinton (Wright) (Class Of 1991)  
Richard Houser (Class Of 1960)  
Ruby Houser (Class Of 1952)  
Chris Johnson (Class Of 1980)  
Claude Johnson (Class Of 1958)  
Tina Johnson (Brown) (Class Of 1983)  
Tom Kempf (Class Of 1951)  
Jim Landis (Class Of 1958)  
Art Lane (Class Of 1951)  
Barbara Larimore (Nelson) (Class Of 1948)  
Richard Larimore (Class Of 1954)  
Mary Alice Martin (Hildebran) (Class Of 1945)  
Tom Martin (Class Of 1958)  
Fred McCain (Class Of 1956)  
Barbara McFatridge (Sell) (Class Of 1953)  
Jack McGuire (McGuire) (Class Of 1989)  
Mark McLeland (Class Of 1973)  
Joe Messick (Class Of 1957)  
Charlene Moore (Maxwell) (Class Of 1979)  
Trena Nape (Jordan) (Class Of 1990)  
Amber Nelson (Boles) (Class Of 1997)  
Jack Orr (Class Of 1936)  
Bob Packard (Class Of 1964)  
Elmer Floyd Patrick (Class Of 1942)  
Rickey Phillips (Class Of 1966)  
Steven Popejoy (Class Of 1969)  
Robert C. Quinn (Class Of 1941)  
Dean Ratcliff (Class Of 1950)  
Dean Riley (Class Of 1973)  
Betty Robinson (Birch) (Class Of 1957)  
Rita Rozhon (Class Of 1974)  
Athena Sadler (Class Of 2003)  
Jacqulyn Schilling (Class Of 1966)  
Mary Schmitter (Busald) (Class Of 1946)  
Thomas Schupbach (Class Of 1970)  
Gregory Shaeffer (Class Of 1966)  
Betty Shultheis (Burkle) (Class Of 1943)  
Mary Joanna Sines (Hyatt) (Class Of 1945)  
Mildred Smith (Rice) (Class Of 1947)  
Opal F. Smith (Bowman) (Class Of 1933)  
Edward Stankard (Class Of 1969)  
Michael Storey (Class Of 1966)  
Nancy Temple (Hampton) (Class Of 1957)  
Jane Timms (Vandevender) (Class Of 1946)  
Bob Toole (Class Of 1959)  
Patricia Wagner (Merrell) (Class Of 1964)  
William Weatherwax (Class Of 2006)  
Mildred Weaver (Medley) (Class Of 1939)  
Dick Welch (Class Of 1962)  
Meredith Wells (McLaughlin) (Class Of 1949)  
Tyler Werth (Class Of 2019)  
Marlyn K. Widner (Roland) (Class Of 1969)  
Larry Wilson (Class Of 1963)  
Helen Wise (Shively) (Class Of 1948)  
Rosalyn Zook (Scott) (Class Of 1954)  

Michael Baker (Class Of 1977)  
Pamela Bassett (Lewark) (Class Of 1979)  
Judy Bowman (Brooks) (Class Of 1959)  
Lewis Brewer (Class Of 1953)  
Don Burkhalter (Class Of 1952)  
Patricia Burris (Shepard) (Class Of 1967)  
Joan Bush (Rogers) (Class Of 1947)  
Ed Carr (Class Of 1953)  
Phyllis Cole (Teel) (Class Of 1948)  
Fred Collins (Class Of 1954)  
Nancy Cowen (Class Of 1956)  
Steven Dalton (Class Of 1979)  
Wayne Disinger (Class Of 1949)  
Clara Lou Evans (Taylor) (Class Of 1947)  
William Felix (Class Of 1967)  
Thomas Flora (Class Of 1967)  
John Franz (Class Of 1965)  
John Freitag (Class Of 1943)  
Richard Funkhouser (Class Of 1952)  
Libby German (Class Of 2021)  
Dean E. Goslee (Class Of 1942)  
Tom Gray (Class Of 1983)  
John Greenwalt (Class Of 1953)  
Molly Griffith (Garrison) (Class Of 1975)  
James Hargraves (Class Of 1964)  
Bill Harris (Class Of 1962)  
Jean Herron (Fife) (Class Of 1955)  
Helen Hickman (Cochran) (Class Of 1952)  
George R. Hildebran (Class Of 1942)  
Mary Jean Hildebrandt (Odano) (Class Of 1942)  
Mildred Hildebrandt (Daniels) (Class Of 1948)  
Judith Huffman (Schock) (Class Of 1960)  
Devon Humbarger (Class Of 1938)  
Christina Kelly (Duff) (Class Of 1975)  
Mary Ellen Kempf (Pauley) (Class Of 1949)  
Rozella Kerlin (Mears) (Class Of 1948)  
Clifford Kurtz (Class Of 1959)  
Madonna Kurtz (Class Of 1964)  
Don Larimore (Class Of 1960)  
William Martin (Class Of 1943)  
Clay Maxwell (Class Of 1939)  
Linda Maxwell (Class Of 1966)  
Patricia McTigue (Butcher) (Class Of 1967)  
Yolonda Miller (Class Of 1969)  
Bob Mills (Class Of 1948)  
Carol Morrison (Easely) (Class Of 1969)  
Alfred Nelson (Class Of 1956)  
Joan Nichols (Secrest) (Class Of 1955)  
Teresa Percell (Webb Carroll) (Class Of 1982)  
Phillip Perdue (Class Of 1977)  
Tim Phillips (Class Of 1982)  
Virginia Ratcliff (Thompson) (Class Of 1943)  
Marjorie Reese (Wille) (Class Of 1951)  
Don Rhine (Class Of 1948)  
Janice Rider (Slavens) (Class Of 1960)  
David Ringer (Class Of 1989)  
Theresa Rockhill (Rock) (Class Of 1967)  
Harold Eugene Rossetter (Class Of 1961)  
Wayne E. Rule (Class Of 1941)  
Robert Sales (Class Of 1969)  
Mary Margaret Schnepp (Delaney) (Class Of 1944)  
Jim Scott (Class Of 1962)  
Marilyn Shaffer (Baldwon) (Class Of 1952)  
Barbara Sheetz (Venters) (Class Of 1964)  
Dwight Sherman (Class Of 1951)  
Betty Shockley (Brass) (Class Of 1953)  
Shirley Walter (Busselle) (Class Of 1953)  
Richard Walters, Jr. (Class Of 1977)  
Bertha Wamsher (Smith) (Class Of 1948)  
Bertie Wamsher (Smith) (Class Of 1949)  
Abigail Williams (Class Of 2021)  

Leroy Amstutz (Class Of 1947)  
Lloyd Anderson (Class Of 1943)  
Cherie Berto (Brummett) (Class Of 1980)  
Doris Bowman (Goslee) (Class Of 1949)  
Marvin Bowman (Class Of 1951)  
Shirley Bowman (Crone) (Class Of 1953)  
Sara Bradford (Harter) (Class Of 1981)  
Pauline Brown (Carbaugh) (Class Of 1939)  
Jerry Bryant (Class Of 1960)  
Clyde Buchanan (Class Of 1967)  
Carolyn Carrier (McLaughlin) (Class Of 1957)  
Herb Clawson (Class Of 1947)  
Mary Clingenpeel (Class Of 1970)  
Agatha Cree (Sagers) (Class Of 1933)  
Camilla Cunningham (Robeson) (Class Of 1946)  
Linda Denim (Freeman) (Class Of 1971)  
Thomas Dishon (Class Of 1952)  
Shirley Eis (Cree) (Class Of 1955)  
James Elliott (Class Of 1960)  
John Elston (Class Of 1957)  
Barbara Fultz (McTigue) (Class Of 1957)  
Thelma Furst (Storey) (Class Of 1964)  
Sandra Gee (Class Of 1960)  
Bruce Hartman (Class Of 1972)  
Edna Hathaway (Capper) (Class Of 1954)  
Carol Henderson (Morris-Moss) (Class Of 1954)  
Wanda Hendryx (Wilson) (Class Of 1945)  
Della Herr (Craig) (Class Of 1947)  
Arminda Hitchcock (Bewley) (Class Of 1952)  
Helen Hutton (Roskuski) (Class Of 1945)  
Stan Hyman (Class Of 1969)  
Marybelle James (Burns) (Class Of 1941)  
John Johnson (Class Of 1956)  
Jeffrey Kahler (Class Of 1967)  
Marvin Keeler (Class Of 1961)  
Carol Lane (O'Farrell) (Class Of 1954)  
Melody Lanham (Hanaway) (Class Of 1976)  
Shirley Lentner (Wilson) (Class Of 1960)  
Edrie Logan (Busch) (Class Of 1935)  
Gale Longshore (Class Of 1953)  
Larry Lucas (Class Of 1976)  
Darrell Maitlen (Class Of 1962)  
Margaret Lucy Martin (Burkle) (Class Of 1935)  
Brenda Mears (Sturdivant) (Class Of 1981)  
Sherry Mears (Class Of 1943)  
Jerri Moore (Craven) (Class Of 1979)  
Virginia Moore (Cole) (Class Of 1949)  
Robert Morrow (Class Of 1943)  
A. Junior Orr (Class Of 1942)  
Carl Penn (Class Of 1949)  
Jalayne Perry (Johns) (Class Of 1978)  
Gerald Popejoy (Class Of 1943)  
Ron Pritchard (Class Of 1958)  
Ronda Ragan (Jones) (Class Of 1981)  
Marjorie Rex (Draper) (Class Of 1952)  
Leo Rider (Class Of 1947)  
James Riley (Class Of 1957)  
Roberta Risley (Crawford) (Class Of 1967)  
Shirley Robinson (Dilling) (Class Of 1960)  
Audrey Roskuski (Clawson) (Class Of 1943)  
Wayne "Ed" Seramur (Class Of 1976)  
Katherine Sheets (Class Of 1966)  
Ronald Slavens (Class Of 1961)  
April Smith (Banes) (Class Of 1988)  
Rosemary Smith (Wipert) (Class Of 1939)  
Jerry Sneathen (Class Of 1954)  
Joseph Spitznagle (Class Of 1999)  
Kenneth Stark (Class Of 1957)  
Terry Stockton (Class Of 1963)  
Barbara Thompson (Sterrett) (Class Of 1947)  
Scott Timmons (Class Of 1985)  
George Wood (Class Of 1947)  
Paul Wray (Class Of 1956)  

Betty Allen (Smith) (Class Of 1947)  
Anna Babb (Wagoner) (Class Of 1955)  
John Barnett (Class Of 1945)  
Frances Brown (Pullen) (Class Of 1939)  
Virgil Butcher (Class Of 1972)  
Jack Robert Carney (Class Of 1950)  
Marjorie Clifford (Class Of 1939)  
Steven Cox (Class Of 1969)  
Betty Cripe (Walker) (Class Of 1953)  
Michael Delaney (Class Of 1964)  
Kari Dicks (Class Of 2005)  
Marcia Disinger (Foster) (Class Of 1977)  
Doris Doolittle Sanderson (Class Of 1931)  
Bob Draper (Class Of 1951)  
Christy Dunham (Fellure) (Class Of 1969)  
Agnes G. Fife (McGuire) (Class Of 1945)  
Bob Floyd (Class Of 1961)  
Edgar Fountain (Class Of 1941)  
Matthew Graves (Class Of 1989)  
Judy Hamling (Cross) (Class Of 1952)  
Evelyn Harner (Zook) (Class Of 1933)  
George Hathaway (Class Of 1941)  
Mary Heathcote (Rishel) (Class Of 1942)  
Frank Hildebrand (Class Of 1949)  
Betty Lanie (Draper) (Class Of 1955)  
Larry Logsdon (Class Of 1967)  
James "Dick" McClean (Class Of 1947)  
Robert Merrell (Class Of 1957)  
Thomas Minnicus (Class Of 1979)  
Joe Myers (Class Of 1953)  
Susan Nelson (Lenz) (Class Of 1969)  
Mary Elizabeth O'Dell (Raines) (Class Of 1963)  
Paul O'Farrell (Class Of 1951)  
Mildred Parr (Maas) (Class Of 1951)  
Donald Pauley (Class Of 1949)  
Barry Pearson (Class Of 1960)  
Wayne Pearson (Class Of 1956)  
Gary Remaly (Class Of 1962)  
Kathy Richmond (Kinnaird) (Class Of 1989)  
James Rock (Class Of 1966)  
Rick Roland (Class Of 1987)  
Charley Rush (Class Of 1966)  
Donal Rush (Class Of 1942)  
Don Sass (Class Of 1948)  
Dorthy Scowden (McCormick) (Class Of 1937)  
Gary Shaeffer (Class Of 1970)  
Harry Shaffer (Class Of 1943)  
Larry Shively (Class Of 1970)  
Vicki Sines (Harner) (Class Of 1968)  
Dorothy Smith (Mason) (Class Of 1939)  
Jason Smith (Class Of 1991)  
Michael Smith (Class Of 1971)  
Raymond Smith (Class Of 1966)  
Ruby Grace Smith (Martin) (Class Of 1942)  
Elizabeth Jane Smock (Wickman) (Class Of 1942)  
Connie Spitler (Class Of 1954)  
Jerry Stoner (Class Of 1958)  
Alberta Tharp (Thompson) (Class Of 1968)  
George Vianco (Class Of 1952)  
Judy Walters (Class Of 1977)  
Rozella Ruth Ward (Pearson) (Class Of 1945)  
Mike Watson (Class Of 1962)  
Bill Wilcox (Class Of 1951)  
Charlene "Sherri" Wilson (Sacha) (Class Of 1973)  
Patti Wilson (Julian) (Class Of 1969)  
Robin Wray (Gustafson) (Class Of 1965)  
Evelyn May Zebrowski (Mullin) (Class Of 1942)  

Don Allbaugh (Class Of 1952)  
Richard Bell (Class Of 1963)  
Terry Berryman (Class Of 1959)  
Elsie Brehmer (Burkhalter) (Class Of 1952)  
Tom Brooks (Class Of 1955)  
Kathleen Brown (Brummett) (Class Of 1950)  
Deloris Cain (Wilson) (Class Of 1955)  
Marilyn Campbell (Pattee) (Class Of 1945)  
Mary Idelia Clawson (Class Of 1942)  
William Crook (Class Of 1951)  
Larry Deel (Class Of 1967)  
Kenneth DeWit (Class Of 1968)  
Tracy Dillon (Class Of 1979)  
Billy Draper (Class Of 1946)  
Linda Draper (Deaton) (Class Of 1969)  
Peter Dwyer (Class Of 1966)  
Jerold Endress (Class Of 1973)  
Renda Fultz (Kline) (Class Of 1967)  
Dave Gipson (Class Of 1968)  
William Glover (Class Of 1954)  
Margaret Graham (Reed) (Class Of 1941)  
Edward J. Grimm (Class Of 1965)  
Alice Groninger (Bergenstal Hayden) (Class Of 1941)  
Everett Gruber (Class Of 1937)  
Jessie Edith Hathaway (Allen) (Class Of 1938)  
Douglas Hatton (Class Of 1949)  
Raymond Heise (Class Of 1955)  
Bonnie Herron (Roberts) (Class Of 1959)  
Ida Fae Hobaugh (Vanderwielen) (Class Of 1935)  
Shirley Hobaugh (Hankins) (Class Of 1954)  
Jim Hufford (Class Of 1957)  
Marcia Hunt (Matlock) (Class Of 1963)  
Gladys Jackson (Ridder) (Class Of 1933)  
Mathew "Pete" Jackson (Class Of 1939)  
Charles Johnson (Class Of 1946)  
Robert Johnson (Class Of 1961)  
Mary Ruth Kirkpatrick (Cullum) (Class Of 1941)  
Ralph Lyons (Class Of 1962)  
Audrey Marquess (Class Of 1940)  
Mary Maxwell (McCormick) (Class Of 1931)  
Dorotha McCouch (Buck) (Class Of 1932)  
Larry Merrill (Class Of 1947)  
Francis Merson (Class Of 1963)  
Robert Moore (Class Of 1963)  
Louise Mullendore (Kauffman) (Class Of 1943)  
Charles Mulligan (Class Of 1957)  
Zelda O' Farrell (Burke) (Class Of 1946)  
Joan Patton (Maxwell) (Class Of 1944)  
Pat Penn (Class Of 1955)  
William Phillips (Class Of 1960)  
Patsy Pullen (Jennings) (Class Of 1954)  
Ruth Rardon (Hyer) (Class Of 1932)  
Ruth Roark (Cooper) (Class Of 1943)  
Debra Robinson (Class Of 1976)  
Joe Robinson (Class Of 1955)  
Mary Ann Roskuski (Robinson) (Class Of 1941)  
Helen Scott (Hughes) (Class Of 1938)  
Duane Smith (Class Of 1956)  
Marcella Smith (Combs) (Class Of 1954)  
Martha Helen Smith (Ludburg) (Class Of 1937)  
Rose Ann Vianco (Class Of 1941)  
Chris Wallar (Class Of 2001)  
Bruce Walters (Class Of 1976)  
Helen Weaver (Schilling) (Class Of 1943)  
John Weaver (Class Of 1953)  
Mainord Weaver (Class Of 1939)  
Donnabelle Zook (Clawson) (Class Of 1936)  
Orton Zook (Class Of 1949)  

Bill Adams (Class Of 1962)  
Arthur Bradshaw (Class Of 1947)  
Larry Brewer (Class Of 1961)  
Glenn Brown (Class Of 1946)  
Robert L. Brown (Class Of 1942)  
Olive Carr (Burrell) (Class Of 1952)  
Doris Clawson (Cook) (Class Of 1942)  
Eileen Clawson (Class Of 1940)  
Kathleen Clifford (Hawn) (Class Of 1953)  
Thomas Cripe (Class Of 1968)  
Marjorie Crowder (Currens) (Class Of 1941)  
Margaret LaDora Dickinson (Class Of 1964)  
William Dill (Class Of 1957)  
Opal Disinger (McKinley) (Class Of 1938)  
Peggy Doerr (Pearson) (Class Of 1955)  
Wayne Draper (Class Of 1953)  
Steven Duddy (Class Of 1978)  
Joseph Fowler, Jr (Class Of 1966)  
Jacqueline Garrison (Anderson) (Class Of 1982)  
Beverly George (Gwin) (Class Of 1951)  
Ruthe Louise Greenup (Liebert) (Class Of 1941)  
Beverly Hanaway (Hamelman) (Class Of 1949)  
Joan Hannell (Class Of 1948)  
Brian Hemmig (Class Of 1939)  
Maurice Herron (Class Of 1948)  
Donna Hodges (Gardner) (Class Of 1961)  
Charles Horn (Class Of 1941)  
Danny Houser (Class Of 1961)  
Merrill Hughes (Class Of 1947)  
Lukas Hunt (Class Of 2010)  
Charlotte Knott (Jewett) (Class Of 1966)  
Edith Larimore (Isaacs) (Class Of 1937)  
Wayne Logsdon (Class Of 1963)  
Bill Mullin (Class Of 1947)  
Edward Mullin (Class Of 1974)  
William Edward Mullin (Class Of 1961)  
Mary Oaks (Shaffer) (Class Of 1944)  
David O'Neill (Class Of 1976)  
Mick Packard (Class Of 1962)  
Joe Parr (Class Of 1952)  
Elaine Perry (Ledman) (Class Of 1980)  
Steve Randall (Class Of 1968)  
Carmen Randle (Stevens) (Class Of 1947)  
Carolyn Randolph (Orr) (Class Of 1953)  
Anna Elizabeth Schmitter (Wetli) (Class Of 1942)  
Pam Schwartz (Ryves) (Class Of 1964)  
Helen Lucille Scowden (Michael) (Class Of 1945)  
Charles Shank (Class Of 1958)  
Irene Sims (Smith) (Class Of 1948)  
Kathlyn Sites (Kraud) (Class Of 1933)  
Penny Smith (Class Of 1967)  
Zonabelle Smith (May) (Class Of 1934)  
John Smock (Class Of 1926)  
Michelle Sullivan (Walker) (Class Of 1979)  
Doris Thiess (Yates) (Class Of 1943)  
Gerry Underhill (Class Of 1954)  
Ken Ward (Class Of 1951)  
John Wheeler (Class Of 1960)  
Theodore Williams (Class Of 1967)  
William Williams (Class Of 1969)  
Jesse Wilson (Class Of 1949)  
Edward Wingard (Class Of 1943)  
Wayne Zinn (Class Of 1942)  

Robert Allen (Class Of 1946)  
Pat Benner (Class Of 1962)  
Wilber Bitler (Class Of 1931)  
Sidney Boles, Jr. (Class Of 1973)  
Joan Boone (Ward) (Class Of 1948)  
Edward Brown (Class Of 1948)  
Melvin Brown (Class Of 1952)  
Vivian Brummett (Summitt) (Class Of 1950)  
Nancy Cheeseman (Simmons) (Class Of 1963)  
Mary Carolyn Clauser (Rossbach) (Class Of 1945)  
Bernice Clifford (Snowberger) (Class Of 1950)  
Clyde Collins, Jr. (Class Of 1979)  
Robert Cowen (Class Of 1965)  
Elaine Cunningham (Potterf) (Class Of 1954)  
Maria Daly (Hammel) (Class Of 1972)  
Maratha Duff (Bundy) (Class Of 1933)  
Marilyn Fisher (Mitchell) (Class Of 1960)  
Tabitha Fultz (White) (Class Of 2005)  
Paul "Tom" Gipson (Class Of 1950)  
Terry Goslee (Class Of 1961)  
Richard Hawkins (Class Of 1941)  
Zelda Louise Hemmig (Baer) (Class Of 1934)  
Cora Herr (Dunlap) (Class Of 1938)  
Clayton Houser (Class Of 1963)  
Patricia Houser (Class Of 1969)  
Robin Hunt (Flanagan) (Class Of 1977)  
Jerome Jeffries (Class Of 1956)  
Floyd Jr. Johns (Class Of 1936)  
Paul A. Kirkpatrick (Class Of 1945)  
Susie Lang (Schroeder) (Class Of 1956)  
Jack Lentner (Class Of 1939)  
James Liebert (Class Of 1969)  
Frances Martin (Class Of 1956)  
Lois Martin (Mears) (Class Of 1943)  
Martha Matthews (Knitter) (Class Of 1933)  
Thomas Mayhill (Class Of 1935)  
Reed McCormick (Class Of 1961)  
Martha Miller (Martin) (Class Of 1969)  
Barbara Mullin (Class Of 1967)  
Ralph Parks (Class Of 1939)  
Kitty Pierce (Conn) (Class Of 1940)  
Almeda Popejoy (Brubaker) (Class Of 1944)  
Rodney Rishel (Class Of 1939)  
JoAnn Robinson (Draper) (Class Of 1983)  
Evelyn Rohrabaugh (Howard) (Class Of 1946)  
Marjorie Shaffer (Teel) (Class Of 1944)  
Lois Sink (Class Of 1928)  
Garnette L. Smith (Class Of 1935)  
Robert Smith (Class Of 1954)  
Joyce Spitler (Johnson) (Class Of 1963)  
Thelma Sterrett (Hodges) (Class Of 1941)  
Richard Ulm-Hawkins (Class Of 1941)  
Dale Wagoner (Class Of 1965)  
Donna Walter (Edwards) (Class Of 1958)  
Charles Wamsher (Class Of 1961)  
Wilbur "Dutch" Weaver (Class Of 1931)  
Donna Williams (Warren) (Class Of 1965)  
Dennis Wilson (Class Of 1978)  
Karen Sue Wray (Grimes) (Class Of 1963)  
Mary Yates (Schmitter) (Class Of 1943)  
Max D. Zook (Class Of 1945)  

James Allen (Class Of 1969)  
Robert Austin (Class Of 1941)  
Monte Bailey (Class Of 1970)  
Glenn Berryman (Class Of 1937)  
Kenny Black (Class Of 1963)  
J. Clark Bowling (Class Of 1968)  
Virginia Ruth Brookbank (Schaller) (Class Of 1945)  
Kathy Buchanan (Freeman) (Class Of 1969)  
Don Burton (Class Of 1948)  
Suzanne Certain (Goodwin) (Class Of 1985)  
James Clawson (Class Of 1946)  
Maxine Clawson (Hathaway) (Class Of 1944)  
James Coghill (Class Of 1961)  
Dick Cowdin (Class Of 1949)  
Kim Cripe (Barton) (Class Of 1980)  
Loyal Cripe (Class Of 1940)  
Mary Alice Cripe (Class Of 1936)  
Jerry Crone (Class Of 1952)  
David Cunningham (Class Of 1969)  
John Dickison (Class Of 1938)  
Mary Agnes Fauset (Brooks) (Class Of 1937)  
Frances Felthoff (Parks) (Class Of 1968)  
Jack Gerard (Class Of 1952)  
Tom Goff (Class Of 1962)  
Dean Hatke (Class Of 1974)  
Wanda Hemmig (Bowman) (Class Of 1932)  
Agnes Herr (Emory) (Class Of 1928)  
Larry Hitchcock (Class Of 1952)  
David James (Class Of 1945)  
Dave Johnson (Class Of 1962)  
Wayne Johnson (Class Of 1951)  
Eran H. Julien (Class Of 1942)  
Ethel Kite (Robinson) (Class Of 1936)  
Ray Robert Lamb (Class Of 1967)  
Beverly Larimore (Randolph) (Class Of 1957)  
Linda Logsdon (Flanigan) (Class Of 1965)  
Thom Loveless (Class Of 1951)  
Ladonna Ruth Macy (Elliott) (Class Of 1945)  
James Maxwell (Class Of 1946)  
Robert Maxwell (Class Of 1942)  
Betty Jane McKinley (Cripe) (Class Of 1942)  
Clayton Mullin (Class Of 1938)  
Charles Myers (Class Of 1966)  
Ed Nichols (Class Of 1976)  
John Patterson (Class Of 1976)  
Veronica Payne (Chapman) (Class Of 1991)  
Bill Pearson (Class Of 1962)  
David Peterson (Class Of 1961)  
Alice Robbins (Reppert) (Class Of 1937)  
Doris Robbins (Maxwell) (Class Of 1941)  
Steve Rodenbarger (Class Of 1969)  
Martha Bell Rohrabaugh (Temple) (Class Of 1935)  
Opal Roth (Hatke) (Class Of 1924)  
Mary Shaffer (Class Of 1932)  
Donna Sheetz (Class Of 1961)  
Helen Sieber (Class Of 1932)  
Lois Charlene Sieber (Porter) (Class Of 1936)  
Derek Smith (Class Of 1980)  
Mary Elizabeth Smith (Wilkinson) (Class Of 1939)  
Minnie Smith (Martin) (Class Of 1929)  
Virginia Smith (Thoma) (Class Of 1938)  
Ethel Sneathen (Lewis) (Class Of 1943)  
Joseph Storey (Class Of 1973)  
Shawn Sullivan (Class Of 1981)  
Debra Tharp (Class Of 1975)  
Alice Thompson (Mohler) (Class Of 1940)  
Doris Viney (Holverson) (Class Of 1943)  
Helen Walker (Butcher) (Class Of 1966)  
Elmer Weaver (Class Of 1939)  

Lois Allbaugh (Maxwell) (Class Of 1939)  
Janet Anderson (Class Of 1965)  
Carolyn Armstrong (Bunnell) (Class Of 1959)  
Marvin Austin (Class Of 1945)  
Dorthy Bair (Demerly) (Class Of 1944)  
Carl Borden (Class Of 1968)  
Dorothy Jeanne Bowen (Hageman) (Class Of 1941)  
John Buchanan (Class Of 1967)  
Orville M. Cassman (Class Of 1935)  
Betty Cole (King) (Class Of 1941)  
Phyllis Jean Craig (Steinman) (Class Of 1942)  
Ronnie Dickinson (Class Of 1959)  
Chester Draper (Class Of 1966)  
Ruth Ann Draper (Wilson) (Class Of 1970)  
Ronald East (Class Of 1976)  
Larry Felix (Class Of 1960)  
Mary Furst (Kelly) (Class Of 1954)  
Linda Gerbens (Ross) (Class Of 1962)  
Leon Gross (Class Of 1944)  
Ruth Gushwa (Mears Shultheis) (Class Of 1949)  
Bertie Hall (Turner) (Class Of 1953)  
Buddy Holloway (Class Of 1950)  
Betty Joanne Hughes (Shockley) (Class Of 1951)  
Robert Michael Hyman (Class Of 1966)  
Clatia Kennard (Whiteman) (Class Of 1932)  
Maxine Kennard (Orr) (Class Of 1935)  
William Kirby (Class Of 1966)  
Vernon H. Lewis (Class Of 1935)  
Dan Lybrook (Class Of 1954)  
Eleanor Martin (Young) (Class Of 1940)  
Jim McGreevey (Class Of 1951)  
Nicole Moore (Howard) (Class Of 1982)  
William M. Myers (Class Of 1948)  
Steven Penn (Class Of 1978)  
Edna Peter (Martin) (Class Of 1966)  
Bill Peterson (Class Of 1956)  
Mike Powell (Class Of 1980)  
Edna Raber (Weaver) (Class Of 1943)  
Bill Randle (Class Of 1949)  
Ted Ratcliff (Class Of 1959)  
Mary Redding (Sellars) (Class Of 1924)  
Betty Belle Reed (Farner) (Class Of 1939)  
Mary Rhine (Lauderdale) (Class Of 1947)  
Virginia Sanderson (Smith) (Class Of 1955)  
Kasey Schnepp (Class Of 1988)  
Wilma June Scott (Miller) (Class Of 1942)  
Todd Shaffer (Class Of 1975)  
Mildred Sines (Waymire) (Class Of 1939)  
Donna Belle Smith (Eldridge) (Class Of 1945)  
Bethel Sneathen (White) (Class Of 1943)  
NormaJean Wesley (Phillips) (Class Of 1951)  
Harold "Dave" Williams (Class Of 1963)  
George Willis (Class Of 1971)  
John Zartman (Class Of 1949)  

Freda Allbaugh (Eller) (Class Of 1937)  
Clifford Baldwin (Class Of 1951)  
Opal Berryman (Miller) (Class Of 1939)  
Willard Black (Class Of 1945)  
Terry Boles (Class Of 1972)  
Alice Brewer (Class Of 1934)  
Raymond Leroy Brummett (Class Of 1950)  
Judith Cassman (Devore) (Class Of 1965)  
Sandra Christiansen (Class Of 1975)  
Betty Clawson (Lauderdale) (Class Of 1946)  
Carol Clawson (Class Of 1951)  
David Eis (Class Of 1957)  
Michael Fife (Class Of 1964)  
Pat Fontinel (Dickenson) (Class Of 1951)  
Vernabelle Foster (McCandless) (Class Of 1936)  
Charles Franz (Class Of 1969)  
Norma Green (Class Of 1952)  
Bill Gros (Class Of 1955)  
Donald Hankins (Class Of 1947)  
Carol Hawn (Spesard) (Class Of 1958)  
Ruth Hildebrandt (Rhine) (Class Of 1944)  
Dennis Hoshaw (Class Of 1964)  
Dick Hoshaw (Class Of 1939)  
Steven Hutton (Class Of 1966)  
Wilma Jean Johnson (Snipes) (Class Of 1945)  
Jack Kirkpatrick (Class Of 1947)  
Jean Kramer (Gros) (Class Of 1930)  
Melanie Kuns (Class Of 2002)  
Carol Ann Lamb (McGreevey) (Class Of 1956)  
Russell Landis (Class Of 1961)  
James Luff (Class Of 1974)  
Lynn Miller (Class Of 1937)  
Mary Miller (Lentner) (Class Of 1939)  
Marcia Minix (Class Of 1980)  
John Hollace Mount (Class Of 1960)  
Dean Nulf (Class Of 1959)  
William R. Quinn (Class Of 1943)  
John David Rhine (Class Of 1942)  
Robert "Bob" Robbins (Class Of 1943)  
Dick Roth (Class Of 1962)  
Ryan Roth (Class Of 1993)  
Robert C. Sales (Class Of 1941)  
David Sanders (Class Of 1985)  
Jerry Sayre (Class Of 1958)  
Robert Schnepp (Class Of 1939)  
Judy Shaffer (Adams) (Class Of 1962)  
Opal Shultheis (Campbell) (Class Of 1937)  
Mary K. Sines (Kerker) (Class Of 1947)  
Don Smith (Class Of 1962)  
Virginia Snyder (Long) (Class Of 1976)  
Ina Vaughan (Moore) (Class Of 1940)  
Betty Voyles (Ward) (Class Of 1948)  
Larry Wallace (Class Of 1956)  
Steven Wallace (Class Of 1967)  
Catherine Warthan (Class Of 1992)  
Lynn Watson (Green) (Class Of 1967)  
David L. White (Class Of 1966)  
Evelyn M. Whiteman (Templin) (Class Of 1936)  
John Williams (Class Of 1958)  

Gary Alberts (Class Of 1957)  
Phyllis Ayres (Courter) (Class Of 1951)  
Brian Ballard (Class Of 1986)  
Orville Berkshire (Class Of 1943)  
Eugene Blickenstaff (Class Of 1933)  
David Bowen (Class Of 1965)  
Florence Bowman (Goyer) (Class Of 1936)  
Opal Britton (Bloor) (Class Of 1938)  
Vera Inez Britton (Gerbens) (Class Of 1941)  
Bethel Brooke (Baird) (Class Of 1925)  
Roger Capper (Class Of 1948)  
Robin Clawson (Porter) (Class Of 1973)  
Lucille Cohee (Popejoy) (Class Of 1936)  
Marybelle Cripe (Wagner) (Class Of 1932)  
Kenneth "Chad" Davis II (Class Of 1986)  
Ruth Elizabeth Disinger (Tatman) (Class Of 1941)  
Betty Jo Draper (Spitznagle) (Class Of 1948)  
Ben Dyer (Class Of 1952)  
Joan Echler (Memmer) (Class Of 1950)  
Wilma Farris (Green) (Class Of 1949)  
Gwen Ferrier (Ford) (Class Of 1953)  
Frederick Franz (Class Of 1963)  
Janice Gerard (Herr) (Class Of 1967)  
Lois Groninger (Powlen) (Class Of 1958)  
John Hafey (Class Of 1961)  
Robert Hathaway (Class Of 1943)  
Bill Hayden (Class Of 1947)  
Jackie Herr (Class Of 1957)  
Harold Wilbur Holsinger (Class Of 1931)  
Robert Huff (Class Of 1944)  
Mary Irelan (Class Of 1928)  
Steve Kelley (Class Of 1967)  
Vernon Kenworthy (Class Of 1934)  
Cecil McCain (Molnar) (Class Of 1937)  
John McCormick (Class Of 1932)  
LeAnn Miller (Hunt) (Class Of 1979)  
Jack Moore (Class Of 1968)  
Wayne Myers (Class Of 1947)  
Bob Nape (Class Of 1963)  
Kenneth P. Newell (Class Of 1942)  
Jim Pearson (Class Of 1959)  
Tom Petry (Class Of 1973)  
Cynthia Pritts (VanMeter) (Class Of 1968)  
David Retherford (Class Of 1932)  
Mark Rhodes (Class Of 1962)  
Charles Rohrabaugh (Class Of 1961)  
Jerry Rutledge (Class Of 1969)  
Robert Schmitter (Class Of 1944)  
Ernest Scott (Class Of 1940)  
Roberta Jean Shafer (Quinn) (Class Of 1942)  
William E. Shaffer (Class Of 1935)  
Jack Shepard (Class Of 1954)  
Charles Shultheis (Class Of 1938)  
Orville Shultheis (Class Of 1934)  
Delores Sieber Thomson (Class Of 1937)  
Leroy Smith (Class Of 1948)  
Terry Snider (Class Of 1962)  
Trina Snider (Stonebraker) (Class Of 1983)  
Carl D. Spear (Class Of 1945)  
Leigh Stair (Class Of 1937)  
Raymond Stokes (Class Of 1955)  
Gary Stonebraker (Class Of 1983)  
Ed Storey (Class Of 1983)  
Marjorie Ann Thiess (Yost) (Class Of 1941)  
Lynn Thomsen (Class Of 1975)  
Mary Jane Walker (Marzoli) (Class Of 1964)  
Al Wentzel (Class Of 1955)  
Bill Wilburn (Class Of 1966)  
Dale Williamson (Class Of 1989)  
Ralph Wise (Class Of 1944)  
Robert Yates (Class Of 1943)  

Lloyd Anderson (Class Of 1945)  
Helen Ashba (Stockton) (Class Of 1937)  
Ina Ruth Ball (Carter) (Class Of 1935)  
Tammy Birdsell (Class Of 1982)  
Thomas Bolinger (Class Of 1965)  
Linda Bowen (Connaway) (Class Of 1959)  
Bruce Burkhalter (Class Of 1972)  
Jerry Caldwell (Class Of 1972)  
Miriam Cohee (Myer) (Class Of 1929)  
Edwin Cunningham (Class Of 1951)  
Michael Dilling (Class Of 1973)  
Charles Fauset (Class Of 1934)  
Kathryn Freitag (Eckman) (Class Of 1947)  
James French (Class Of 1945)  
Donald Gilliam (Class Of 1938)  
Howard Gish (Class Of 1943)  
Stephen Gray (Class Of 1964)  
James Griffey (Class Of 1989)  
Steven Hamilton (Class Of 1972)  
Dick Hatton (Class Of 1951)  
James Hill (Class Of 1984)  
Bill Jackson (Class Of 1952)  
Donnabelle Jackson (McNally) (Class Of 1955)  
Ruth Johns (Richardson) (Class Of 1927)  
Sara Jane Johnson (Adair) (Class Of 1958)  
Darlene Kempf (Huff) (Class Of 1946)  
Billy Lang (Class Of 1953)  
Leta Lewis (Class Of 1969)  
Lindsey McCleland (Class Of 2005)  
Dorothy McHardie (Jones) (Class Of 1938)  
Elizabeth Mears (Downham) (Class Of 1949)  
Richard Mears (Class Of 1948)  
Dennis Miller (Class Of 1965)  
Thomas Mills (Class Of 1946)  
Dorothy M. Muse (Rodgers) (Class Of 1945)  
Louis Penn (Class Of 1976)  
Sharon Politz (Alberts) (Class Of 1960)  
Lavaune Retherford (Million) (Class Of 1930)  
Mary Kathryn Roach (Myers) (Class Of 1941)  
Bill Rozhon (Class Of 1949)  
Richard Scowden (Class Of 1954)  
Orville Leroy Skinner (Class Of 1954)  
Bonnie Smith (Stephen) (Class Of 1955)  
Caren Smith (Burton) (Class Of 1958)  
Wilford Sprowl (Class Of 1956)  
Thomas Stipp (Class Of 1975)  
Fred Stokes (Class Of 1959)  
Marjorie Todd (Pearson) (Class Of 1940)  
Robert Wise (Class Of 1939)  

Edith Baum (Miller) (Class Of 1930)  
Mabel Benner (Mullin) (Class Of 1928)  
Steven Bishop (Class Of 1978)  
Roberta Blickenstaff (Hart) (Class Of 1965)  
Milton Bowman (Class Of 1930)  
Stephen Braden (Class Of 1968)  
Robert Buck (Class Of 1938)  
Mary Alice Carrier (Renfro) (Class Of 1950)  
Lorene Clawson (Class Of 1931)  
Virginia Clawson (Bloyd) (Class Of 1943)  
Carolyn Coble (Rammell) (Class Of 1951)  
Bill Collins (Class Of 1953)  
Roger Daniels (Class Of 1962)  
William Duff (Class Of 1949)  
Edward Ferrier (Class Of 1928)  
Glenn Fisher (Class Of 1928)  
James Floyd (Class Of 1973)
Joyce Gushwa (Oliver) (Class Of 1959)  
Joan Hamling (Class Of 1950)  
Carl Thomas Hanaway (Class Of 1953)  
Don Harshman (Class Of 1953)  
Ruby Hathaway (Kempf) (Class Of 1952)  
Bob Hawkins (Class Of 1947)  
Ruth Louise Hudson (O'Farrell) (Class Of 1941)  
Lorene Jackson (Cohee) (Class Of 1931)  
Regina Jackson (Milner) (Class Of 1932)  
Maryellen Johnson (Wilson) (Class Of 1945)  
Wilma King (Robinson Graham) (Class Of 1952)  
Robert Eugene Larimore (Class Of 1941)  
Hazel Liebert (Class Of 1933)  
Nancy Lyons (Pearson) (Class Of 1963)  
Cynthia MacIntire (Class Of 1971)  
Beverly Mears (McManus) (Class Of 1979)  
James "Pat" O'Farrell (Class Of 1949)  
Mary Penn (Bruck) (Class Of 1946)  
Mary Louise Pratt (Chapman) (Class Of 1936)  
Mary Rardon (Weese) (Class Of 1928)  
Mary Reppert (Stout Foster) (Class Of 1937)  
Carl Shockley (Class Of 1961)  
Edna Siferd (Roth) (Class Of 1926)  
Margo Smith (Class Of 1972)  
Max Smith (Class Of 1946)  
Marilyn Snyder (Haan) (Class Of 1961)  
Imogene Tharp (Daniel) (Class Of 1967)  
Charles Timmons (Class Of 1953)  
Mary Timmons (Gerard) (Class Of 1937)  
Raymond Baum Todd (Class Of 1938)  
Mitchell Tyler (Class Of 2004)  
Mary Jane Van Ostran (Class Of 1949)  
Gene VanSickle (Class Of 1960)  
Norman Wentzel (Class Of 1948)  
Richard Wertz (Class Of 1973)  
Lonnie Woods (Class Of 1958)  

Charles Anderson (Class Of 1966)  
Geraldine Arnold (Rex) (Class Of 1933)  
Paul Edwin Ashba (Class Of 1942)  
Ruth Benjamin (Neumann) (Class Of 1930)  
Esther Mae Boone (Johns) (Class Of 1935)  
Calvin Boyd (Class Of 1945)  
Joan Bradshaw (Nelson) (Class Of 1948)  
Mary Brewer (Wray) (Class Of 1936)  
Wilma Brooks (Houser) (Class Of 1965)  
Brian Brown (Class Of 1990)  
Minnie Buchanan (Osborn) (Class Of 1935)  
Mike Clawson (Class Of 1962)  
Elizabeth Clifford (Williams) (Class Of 1940)  
Mary Jo Cole (Etter) (Class Of 1954)  
Wilma Fultz (Smith) (Class Of 1959)  
Charles Gerard (Class Of 1967)  
Foster Haines (Class Of 1940)  
Lowell Gene "Buck" Hallam (Class Of 1957)  
Jerry Hanna (Class Of 1954)  
Mary Hill (Class Of 1954)  
Myra Mercedes House (Snowberger) (Class Of 1944)  
Betty J Hyman (Hallam) (Class Of 1943)  
Harold R. Kasten (Class Of 1935)  
Frances Kirkpatrick (Berry) (Class Of 1937)  
Mark Maxson (Class Of 1977)  
Ed McGuire (Class Of 1947)  
Keith Mears (Class Of 1946)  
Connie Medbourn (Eckhart) (Class Of 1966)  
Teresa Miller (Cooper) (Class Of 1974)  
Gordon Moore (Class Of 1940)  
Sandra Morgan (Class Of 1978)  
Joy Mullendore (Duncan) (Class Of 1957)  
Marjorie Norris (Rider) (Class Of 1948)  
Francis O'Farrell (Class Of 1941)  
Ruby Perigo (Purdy) (Class Of 1930)  
Mary Ruth Pierce (Smith) (Class Of 1927)  
Lemon Powell (Class Of 1941)  
Velma Scowden (Davis) (Class Of 1941)  
Daniel Shaffer (Class Of 1939)  
Richard Shaffer (Class Of 1931)  
Wilma Jeane Sharpf (Class Of 1941)  
Randall Shaw (Class Of 1972)  
Carolyn Shultheis (Class Of 1951)  
Lea "Susie" Sims (Class Of 1962)  
Freda Sines (Goslee) (Class Of 1934)  
Mabel Smeltzer (Oliver) (Class Of 1938)  
Ruth Smith (Erb) (Class Of 1933)  
Charles Sneathen (Class Of 1945)  
Charles Snethen (Class Of 1943)  
Kathy Snoeberger (Class Of 1973)  
Emma "Irene" Stark (Mason Harrison) (Class Of 1939)  
Jason (Fred) Stewart (Class Of 1977)  
Wayne Swatts (Class Of 1947)  
Ruth Thompson (Walters) (Class Of 1939)  
Gerald Walters (Class Of 1942)  
Meredith Ward (Doolan) (Class Of 1947)  
Marla Yates (Class Of 1970)  

Mary Allen (Pearson) (Class Of 1959)  
Max Andrews (Class Of 1951)  
Bonnabelle Berry (Foster) (Class Of 1945)  
Jimmy Bosen (Class Of 1988)  
April Marie Brandford Connaway (Class Of 1990)  
Marjorie Brown (Newell) (Class Of 1941)  
Robert Calvert (Class Of 1987)  
Barbara Clawson (Walker) (Class Of 1941)  
Jeffery Clawson (Class Of 1970)  
Wayne Clawson (Class Of 1943)  
Dale Cleaver (Class Of 1946)  
Helen Clifford (Bernard) (Class Of 1951)  
Dick Cornell (Class Of 1958)  
Harriet Cowdin (Parker) (Class Of 1921)  
James Craft (Class Of 1979)  
Joe Cripe (Class Of 1922)  
Jonathan Disinger (Class Of 1974)  
Mildred Dock (Hathaway) (Class Of 1946)  
Linda Downham (Bullington) (Class Of 1964)  
Robert Farmer (Class Of 1940)  
Kolet Flood (Class Of 2004)  
William Sites Fraser (Class Of 1941)  
Charlene Gee (Ferguson) (Class Of 1924)  
Mark Goodwin (Class Of 1977)  
Theresa Griffith (Denton) (Class Of 1976)  
Bertha Hasselbring (Judy) (Class Of 1924)  
Willis Hayden (Class Of 1941)  
Carl E. Heffley (Class Of 1936)  
David Henderson (Class Of 1964)  
Charles Hildebrandt (Class Of 1943)  
Keith "Gene" Houser (Class Of 1954)  
Lowell Hunt (Class Of 1965)  
Florence Maurine Hunter (Cope) (Class Of 1935)  
Robert Hyman (Class Of 1944)  
Shirley Julien (Banker) (Class Of 1938)  
Herman Kempf (Class Of 1944)  
Ruth Kennard (Bevan) (Class Of 1931)  
Chris Kennedy (Class Of 1994)  
William Kerlin (Class Of 1927)  
Lewis C. Kirkpatrick (Class Of 1935)  
Evelyn Elizabeth Larimore (Pritchard) (Class Of 1937)  
Joan Larimore (Imler) (Class Of 1941)  
Sharon Messick (Tharp) (Class Of 1958)  
Curtis Michael (Class Of 1961)  
Clementine Moore (Oilar) (Class Of 1933)  
Rita Myers (Morgan) (Class Of 1959)  
George Obear (Class Of 1926)  
Max Peterson (Class Of 1953)  
Edith Randle (Taylor) (Class Of 1934)  
Mary Schockley (Arion) (Class Of 1966)  
Wilma Shaffer (Painter) (Class Of 1946)  
Charles Shank III (Class Of 1978)  
Cheryl Sheets (Lear) (Class Of 1975)  
Margaret Sieber (Bowker) (Class Of 1930)  
Melissa Simpson (Class Of 1990)  
Jeff Sims (Class Of 1984)  
James Smith (Class Of 1978)  
Vicky Smith (Ridgeway) (Class Of 1973)  
James Stewart (Class Of 1939)  
Theodore (Pete) Tharp (Class Of 1950)  
Larry Thompson (Class Of 1966)  
Dowe Trent (Class Of 1933)  
Bill Waymire (Class Of 1960)  
Freda Wolfe (Carnes) (Class Of 1937)  
Charles Wood (Class Of 1942)  

Doris Baldwin (Morrison) (Class Of 1974)  
Esther Ruth Beeke (Cunningham) (Class Of 1942)  
Morris Benefiel (Class Of 1940)  
Tamerlyn Brown (Schock) (Class Of 1990)  
Nancy Buchanan (Cook) (Class Of 1959)  
Ina Bunnell (Mitchell) (Class Of 1939)  
Robert Callaway (Class Of 1943)  
Bradley Capper (Class Of 1951)  
Clark Carr (Class Of 1949)  
Raymond Daniels (Class Of 1939)  
Charles Delaney (Class Of 1934)  
Ida Downs (Class Of 1932)  
Elda Jane Everhart (Davis) (Class Of 1973)  
James Felix (Class Of 1974)  
Robert Ferrier (Class Of 1931)  
Jaunita Fetterhoff (Sheets) (Class Of 1939)  
Kevin Fouts (Class Of 1999)  
Edna Gerbens (Tully) (Class Of 1932)  
Roberta Herr (Sparhawk) (Class Of 1953)  
Phyllis Jean Hill (Class Of 1950)  
Vera Holmes (Ledman) (Class Of 1928)  
John Hoshaw (Class Of 1953)  
William Humphrey (Class Of 1956)  
Anna Kempf (McGreevey) (Class Of 1927)  
James Kenworthy (Class Of 1932)  
Leroy Lane (Class Of 1941)  
George Lohrman (Class Of 1947)  
Ned Long (Class Of 1939)  
Dick Lowery (Class Of 1956)  
Helen McDowell (Vaughan) (Class Of 1929)  
Ruth Ann McKinley (Braune) (Class Of 1949)  
Alva Mohler (Class Of 1947)  
Betty Jean Nulf (Johnson) (Class Of 1939)  
Bill Orr (Class Of 1958)  
Earl Pauley (Class Of 1951)  
Cynthia Pearson (Tyler) (Class Of 1966)  
Carol Sue Peterson (Jefferies) (Class Of 1957)  
John Peterson (Class Of 1928)  
Joan Randolph (Rogers) (Class Of 1950)  
Walter Reef (Class Of 1937)  
Lee Reppert (Class Of 1937)  
Russell Rider (Class Of 1939)  
Carl R. Roark (Class Of 1935)  
Gene Roskuski (Class Of 1939)  
Helen Swain (Hyman) (Class Of 1944)  
Dick Swickard (Class Of 1940)  
Michael VanSickle (Class Of 1965)  
Dale Watkins (Class Of 1962)  
Tresa White (Nette) (Class Of 1968)  
Harold Zook (Class Of 1956)  

Guy Amstutz (Class Of 1948)  
Amy Anderson (Nulf) (Class Of 1929)  
Hazel Anderson (Fox) (Class Of 1932)  
Ivan Ashba (Class Of 1941)  
Charles Benner (Class Of 1935)  
Helen Brewer (Hayden) (Class Of 1945)  
Frances Marie Brown (Schwartz) (Class Of 1945)  
Kevin Buchanon (Class Of 1986)  
David Bulington (Class Of 1992)  
Marjorie Combs (Roland) (Class Of 1941)  
Donald Leon Crowden (Class Of 1942)  
Mike Daly (Class Of 1968)  
Mike Dixon (Class Of 1982)  
Mary Frances Dobbins (Dunn) (Class Of 1932)  
Elmo W. Dotson (Class Of 1935)  
Marianne Downs (Class Of 1975)  
Marjorie Dubes (Sharp) (Class Of 1934)  
Don Enoch (Class Of 1950)  
Barbara Fife (Class Of 1969)  
Harmon Fish (Class Of 1955)  
Betty Hazlett (Smith) (Class Of 1945)  
Charles Hufford (Class Of 1939)  
Larry Hunt (Class Of 1957)  
Helen Hunter (Talbert) (Class Of 1936)  
Pauline Imler (Collins) (Class Of 1932)  
Elsie L. Irelan (Tully) (Class Of 1935)  
Ester Lamb (Class Of 1946)  
Mike Lear (Class Of 1969)  
Raymond H. Leatherman (Class Of 1936)  
Mary Margowski (Strasburger) (Class Of 1922)  
Jerry McTigue (Class Of 1965)  
Thomas Michael (Class Of 1975)  
Alan Minnicus (Class Of 1997)  
Frances W. Morrow (Class Of 1935)  
Robert H. Mount (Class Of 1942)  
Thomas Peterson (Class Of 1947)  
Charles Popejoy (Class Of 1930)  
Walter Popejoy (Class Of 1936)  
Chris Remaley (Class Of 2003)  
Hope Robbins (Coomey) (Class Of 1933)  
Dorothy Rogers (Duncan) (Class Of 1958)  
Kathleen Rozhon (Morgan) (Class Of 1952)  
Bernie Schmitter (Class Of 1938)  
Paul E. Schnepp (Class Of 1936)  
Betty Sink (Morehead) (Class Of 1940)  
Robert Smith (Class Of 1956)  
Robert C. Smith (Class Of 1947)  
Richard Snowberger (Class Of 1939)  
Glenn Stark (Class Of 1943)  
Regina Sturdivant (Canen) (Class Of 1976)  
Jennifer Venters (Class Of 1982)  
Ruby Walker (Beauchamp) (Class Of 1926)  
Charles Ward (Class Of 1924)  
Betty Wason (Class Of 1929)  
Orville Yates (Class Of 1945)  
Eileen Zinn (Brown) (Class Of 1941)  

Dave Abbott (Class Of 1959)  
Dean Albaugh (Class Of 1949)  
George Allbaugh (Class Of 1937)  
Jerry Allbaugh (Class Of 1948)  
Tom Benner (Class Of 1933)  
Charles Buchanan (Class Of 1938)  
Raymond Chadd (Class Of 1934)  
Mary Lucille Clawson (Fisher) (Class Of 1936)  
Harry Conn (Class Of 1933)  
Pauline (Patrick) Corn (Class Of 1968)  
MichDal Dalton (Class Of 1988)  
Clarence Downing (Class Of 1963)  
Robert Elmore (Class Of 1962)  
Sherman Fife (Class Of 1953)  
Fern Fincher (Plunkett) (Class Of 1933)  
Mildred Grandstaff (Kauffman) (Class Of 1927)  
Mary Kathryn Grantham (Johnsen) (Class Of 1941)  
Rosemary Hackett (Meeks) (Class Of 1954)  
Robert Hill (Class Of 1946)  
Nada Holloway (Weckerly) (Class Of 1931)  
Willie Irelan (Class Of 1938)  
Joan Jackson (Hammond) (Class Of 1948)  
Susie Jackson (Myers) (Class Of 1955)  
Delores Johnson (Houser) (Class Of 1966)  
John Johnson (Class Of 1934)  
Betty Jean Larimore (Maxwell) (Class Of 1946)  
Ruby F. Lohrman (Fry) (Class Of 1936)  
Marsha Long (Class Of 1975)  
Lujean Loy (Taylor) (Class Of 1940)  
Bruce Lybrook (Class Of 1983)  
Robert Matthews (Class Of 1971)  
Clara McDowell (Sims) (Class Of 1922)  
John Merrell (Class Of 1938)  
Mabel Miller (Burt) (Class Of 1929)  
Louise Morrow (Class Of 1945)  
Mary Catherine Morrow (Ward) (Class Of 1935)  
Lena Robertson (Layer) (Class Of 1946)  
Jack Robinson (Class Of 1946)  
Kenneth Scowden (Class Of 1944)  
Larry Shaff (Class Of 1949)  
Charles Simmons (Class Of 1944)  
Joe Smith (Class Of 1962)  
Judy Stark (Shaffer) (Class Of 1958)  
Mary Studebaker (Gushwa) (Class Of 1925)  
Marian Swaim (Myers) (Class Of 1943)  
Ruth Thomson (Beckner) (Class Of 1928)  
Harold Victor (Class Of 1944)  
Ronald Wagoner (Class Of 1977)  
Charles Wilcox (Class Of 1952)  
Billy Wray (Class Of 1963)  

Josephine Boone (Snoeberger) (Class Of 1925)  
Thomas Bowman (Class Of 1969)  
Dale Brewer (Class Of 1949)  
Bob Clawson (Class Of 1948)  
Robert Clawson (Class Of 1929)  
Ruth Coble (Barney) (Class Of 1934)  
Donna Draper (Simmons) (Class Of 1944)  
Marian Fetterhoff (Morelan) (Class Of 1947)  
Anna Fisher (Maxwell) (Class Of 1931)  
Opal Gingrich (Shanks) (Class Of 1949)  
Earl Ginn (Class Of 1920)  
Sandra Hathaway (Taylor) (Class Of 1964)  
Robert Herron (Class Of 1973)  
Betsy Ives (Class Of 1978)  
Kenny Kite (Class Of 1962)  
Donald Koup (Class Of 1933)  
Troy Lamb (Class Of 1996)  
Bob Landis (Class Of 1954)  
Rebecca Lybrook (Brooks) (Class Of 1946)  
Harold Matthews (Class Of 1937)  
Marjorie Ellen McCain (Hill) (Class Of 1935)  
Eldon Medbourn (Class Of 1972)  
Judy Medley (Class Of 1965)  
Mary Morrison (Wightman) (Class Of 1931)  
Roger Neff (Class Of 1932)  
Fred Newman (Class Of 1940)  
Dennis Peters (Class Of 1968)  
Robert Rohrobaugh (Class Of 1939)  
Alfred Schlaug (Class Of 1939)  
Charles Scowden (Class Of 1949)  
Hazel Shaffer (Johnson Whipple) (Class Of 1924)  
Irene Shaffer (Mason) (Class Of 1927)  
Mary Shepard (Johns) (Class Of 1940)  
Martha Shuey (Moore) (Class Of 1935)  
Florence Smith (Pearson) (Class Of 1940)  
Grace Stoner (Baldwin) (Class Of 1922)  
Bob Sullivan (Class Of 1954)  
Robert James Walters (Class Of 1936)  
Laverna Zook (Class Of 1939)  

Ronald Allread (Class Of 1968)  
Brett Appleton (Class Of 1995)  
Mabel Ashba (Brewer) (Class Of 1933)  
William Baer (Class Of 1941)  
May Barnett (Heath) (Class Of 1948)  
Donald Bowman (Class Of 1941)  
Gary Boyles (Class Of 1977)  
Sharon Buchanan (Gibbs) (Class Of 1955)  
James Bundy (Class Of 1932)  
Kenneth Burget (Class Of 1932)  
Marlene Cain (Class Of 1965)  
DD Clem (Class Of 1991)  
Janice Coghill (Ward) (Class Of 1956)  
Mary Cohee (McCloskey) (Class Of 1932)  
Carol Crosby (May) (Class Of 1954)  
Bill Delaney (Class Of 1959)  
Robert Doerr (Class Of 1944)  
Mabel Downham (Shockley) (Class Of 1936)  
Robert Felthoff (Class Of 1947)  
Rose Marie Freitag (Owens) (Class Of 1939)  
Roy Gardner (Class Of 1915)  
Helen Berneice George (Miller) (Class Of 1941)  
Bob Gerard (Class Of 1948)  
Susie Goslee (Landis) (Class Of 1918)  
Rich Goyer (Class Of 1968)  
Florence Groninger (Diemer) (Class Of 1917)  
Glenn Harner (Class Of 1939)  
Ethel Heiland (Benner) (Class Of 1933)  
Mildred Hoover (McGreevey) (Class Of 1928)  
Marcia Huff (Wittman) (Class Of 1965)  
Marietta Jacoby (Anderson) (Class Of 1923)  
Edna Bernice Johnson (Kerlin) (Class Of 1935)  
Ora Jordan (Martin) (Class Of 1922)  
Mike Kelly (Class Of 1964)  
Frank Lawrence (Class Of 1980)  
Bernadine Maxwell (Eastwood) (Class Of 1929)  
Annette Miller (Class Of 1949)  
Maxine Mummert (Humes) (Class Of 1928)  
Forrest Orr (Class Of 1929)  
Kathy Ottinger (Delk) (Class Of 1963)  
Virginia Jean Pauley (Campbell) (Class Of 1941)  
Helen M. Rider (Van Der Volgen) (Class Of 1936)  
Wendell Rutledge (Class Of 1958)  
Vernon Sales (Class Of 1947)  
Lucille Schock (Duncan) (Class Of 1928)  
Floyd Schrader (Class Of 1920)  
Rhonda Schrader (Pendleton) (Class Of 1976)  
Mary Smock (Clawson) (Class Of 1927)  
Ruby Stark (Spurgeon) (Class Of 1946)  
Dick Starkey (Class Of 1953)  
Jason Stewart (Class Of 1948)  
Carl Stoner (Class Of 1951)  
Hilda Trent (Lipsett) (Class Of 1931)  
Dorothy Vianco (Troubaugh) (Class Of 1932)  
Margaret Vianco (Norris) (Class Of 1926)  
Norma Jean Viney (Cauble) (Class Of 1939)  
Marjorie Weaver (Chittick) (Class Of 1940)  
Don Wilcox (Class Of 1955)  

Merton Baird (Class Of 1921)  
Charles R. Beale (Class Of 1935)  
Richard Been (Class Of 1937)  
Lora Bell (Class Of 1966)  
Delores Berry (Harner) (Class Of 1943)  
Olive Black (Todd) (Class Of 1928)  
Charles Bradshaw (Class Of 1930)  
Joseph E. Brooke (Class Of 1935)  
Ruby Brookshire (Simons) (Class Of 1940)  
Chris Brummett (Class Of 1998)  
Mahlon Clawson (Class Of 1926)  
Mary Louise Clifford (Farrell) (Class Of 1936)  
Jim Cowen (Class Of 1959)  
Larry Delaney (Class Of 1964)  
Robert Delaney (Class Of 1931)  
James Dickinson (Class Of 1947)  
Connie Downing (Tignor) (Class Of 1963)  
Richard L "Dick" Downs (Class Of 1939)  
Linda Everett (Burkhalter) (Class Of 1968)  
Robert Freitag (Class Of 1944)  
Joye Garrison (Wheeler) (Class Of 1941)  
Laura Gilliam (McDowell) (Class Of 1932)  
Louise Gros (Gribben Casey) (Class Of 1958)  
Leatha Hamil (Clawson) (Class Of 1924)  
Jean Hamling (Strantz) (Class Of 1944)  
Richard L. Hawn (Class Of 1953)  
Gladys Henderson (Miller) (Class Of 1932)  
Sharman Jo Hensley (Marschand) (Class Of 1968)  
Keith Herr (Class Of 1931)  
Terri Holloway (Oliver) (Class Of 1975)  
Tim Huff (Class Of 1985)  
Naomi Isaacs (Martin) (Class Of 1930)  
Ernest Jackson (Class Of 1939)  
Charles Johns (Class Of 1939)  
Dorothy Johnson (Phillips) (Class Of 1936)  
John Jones (Class Of 1947)  
Robert Jones (Class Of 1928)  
Ruth Larimore (Bayar) (Class Of 1928)  
Raymond Logan (Class Of 1938)  
Julia Marton (Cohan) (Class Of 1917)  
Harold Peacock (Class Of 1944)  
Joseph Peterson (Class Of 1928)  
Charles Rozhon (Class Of 1944)  
Francis Ruth Sanderson (Class Of 1936)  
Roy Sheets (Class Of 1921)  
John Sheuy (Class Of 1931)  
John Shuey (Class Of 1931)  
Mildred Sneathen (Cree) (Class Of 1928)  
Marybell Thomson (Bell) (Class Of 1933)  
Floyd Viney (Class Of 1958)  
Lee Walters (Class Of 1951)  
William Walters (Class Of 1936)  
Jesse Widner (Class Of 1935)  
Everett Williams (Class Of 1929)  
Francis Wright (Class Of 1948)  
Lee Yates (Class Of 1939)  
Dennis Zook (Class Of 1960)  

John Best (Class Of 1924)  
Kenneth R. Black (Class Of 1936)  
Jula Etta Brookshire (Becker) (Class Of 1941)  
Opal Cheesman (Dunn) (Class Of 1929)  
Bowen Conn (Class Of 1940)  
Anna Doerr (Brooks) (Class Of 1945)  
Mary Ellen Dwyer (Class Of 1964)  
Bessie Garrison (Liebert) (Class Of 1927)  
Jerry Graham (Class Of 1957)  
Rick Griffith (Class Of 1977)  
Gertrude Hall (Sheets) (Class Of 1929)  
Carl Hargraves (Class Of 1926)  
William Haslet (Class Of 1928)  
Dick Hathaway (Class Of 1956)  
Joe Holmes (Class Of 1947)  
Jeremiah Wayne Holsinger (Class Of 1929)  
Dorothy Hoover (Temple) (Class Of 1934)  
Marthabelle Johns (Mennen) (Class Of 1941)  
Mary Kirkpatrick (Class Of 1940)  
Glenn Laird (Class Of 1978)  
Luetta Liebert (Medley) (Class Of 1939)  
Esther Lohrman (Terrill) (Class Of 1939)  
Florence Loveland (Buskirk) (Class Of 1925)  
Donna Loy (Clark) (Class Of 1931)  
Meredith Loy (Matthews) (Class Of 1940)  
Alma Mayhill (Wilson) (Class Of 1923)  
Robert McCain (Class Of 1931)  
Carolyn McCarthy (Clark) (Class Of 1968)  
Dennis Eugene McCouch (Class Of 1935)  
Ronald McFadden (Class Of 1968)  
Robert Moore (Class Of 1942)  
John Mullin (Class Of 1940)  
Beulah Oyler (Wolf) (Class Of 1939)  
Gladys Ruby Paul (Good) (Class Of 1922)  
Richard Charles Quick (Class Of 1941)
Lola Rohrabaugh (Cleaver) (Class Of 1923)  
Lucille Sanderson (Crowel) (Class Of 1925)  
Gladys Shaffer (Holmes) (Class Of 1932)  
Charles Sheets (Class Of 1937)  
Don Sterrett (Class Of 1944)  
Jack Stoner (Class Of 1953)  
Tom Veach (Class Of 1988)  
Olive Weckerly (Sink) (Class Of 1925)  
Donna Welker (Class Of 1962)  
Nellie L. Wells (Snow) (Class Of 1942)  
Wayne White (Class Of 1970)  
Claude Wise (Class Of 1934)  

John Appleton (Class Of 1976)  
Don Barnett (Class Of 1952)  
Mildred Baum (McQueen) (Class Of 1934)  
John Berryman (Class Of 1938)  
Mildred Blickenstaff (Farmer) (Class Of 1928)  
Ora Bowman (Pool) (Class Of 1924)  
Jean Brehmer (Class Of 1946)  
Glen Brumbaugh (Class Of 1996)  
Leonard Brummett (Class Of 1949)  
Gerald Christiansen, Jr (Class Of 1978)  
Glae Clawson (Class Of 1920)  
Quentin Clem (Class Of 1949)  
Margaret Jane Farmer (Watson) (Class Of 1924)  
Catherine Farner (McHaffie) (Class Of 1956)  
John Fisher (Class Of 1934)  
Mary L. Fisher (Riley) (Class Of 1929)  
Harold Froedge (Class Of 1941)  
Joaquin Guerrero (Class Of 1996)  
Mary Herron (Zweris) (Class Of 1945)  
Bill Holmes (Class Of 1945)  
Beulah Holsinger (Price) (Class Of 1929)  
Ruby Holsinger (Wilde) (Class Of 1928)  
Joann Hyman (Johnson) (Class Of 1942)  
Robert W. Jones (Class Of 1940)  
Mahlon Kerlin (Class Of 1925)  
Merle Kirkpatrick (Odell) (Class Of 1932)  
Eugene Lane (Class Of 1964)  
Wilbur Lane (Class Of 1945)  
Mary Louise Martin (Class Of 1938)  
Evelyn Moore (Huffer) (Class Of 1928)  
Ralph Nulf (Class Of 1938)  
Richard Quinn (Class Of 1952)  
Martin Rider (Class Of 1929)  
Robert Ringer (Class Of 1943)  
Colleen Rozhon (Copeland) (Class Of 1947)  
Joe Sanderson (Class Of 1939)  
Ernest Sass (Class Of 1953)  
June Shaffer (Leslie) (Class Of 1928)  
Thomas E. Shaffer (Class Of 1935)  
Ralph Sines (Class Of 1933)  
William S. Smith (Class Of 1935)  
Norma Trapp (Houser) (Class Of 1956)  
Rowland Tustin (Class Of 1979)  
Thomas Vianco (Class Of 1941)  
Terry Walters (Class Of 1972)  
Hazel Weaver (Jones) (Class Of 1946)  
Richard W. Wilkinson (Class Of 1941)  

Dorthy Adsit (Haskins) (Class Of 1927)  
Mary C. Benjamin (Class Of 1929)  
Gwen Benner (Blythe/Kline) (Class Of 1959)  
Charles Bohm (Class Of 1919)  
Anthony Wayne Bowling (Class Of 1970)  
Carol Bowman (Martin) (Class Of 1956)  
John Bowman (Class Of 1940)  
Robert Brookbank (Class Of 1950)  
John Brooke (Class Of 1923)  
Hilda Casad (Watts) (Class Of 1923)  
Phyllis Connelly (Yates) (Class Of 1948)  
Arthur M. Coomey (Class Of 1938)  
Garland Daugherty (Class Of 1936)  
Margie Disinger (Metzger) (Class Of 1945)  
Carrie Lou Dock (Vianco) (Class Of 1949)  
Charles Downs (Class Of 1928)  
Zola Fetterhoff (Hawn) (Class Of 1926)  
Wayne Fife (Class Of 1955)  
Frank Hanaway (Class Of 1941)  
Marjorie Harrison (Plummer) (Class Of 1941)  
Robert Hatter (Class Of 1948)  
Joan Hildebrandt (Echler) (Class Of 1953)  
Lorene Hunt (Richards) (Class Of 1946)  
Esther Hunter (Vaughn) (Class Of 1929)  
Jeanetta Julien (Marthison) (Class Of 1925)  
Lavonne Landis (Atkinson) (Class Of 1932)  
Shirley Liebert (Smith) (Class Of 1930)  
Joel McNeal (Class Of 1951)  
Kitty Petry (Class Of 1978)  
Judith Pritchard (West) (Class Of 1960)  
Jean Pruitt (Ferrier) (Class Of 1928)  
William Redmond (Class Of 1960)  
Robert Royster (Class Of 1914)  
Margaret Leota Rusk (Baum) (Class Of 1935)  
Kenneth Seedorf (Class Of 1946)  
Ruby Sines (Shultheis) (Class Of 1930)  
Mary Thomas (Class Of 1919)  
Edna Trawin (Brookshire) (Class Of 1924)  
Esther Welker (Class Of 1938)  
Dennis Widner (Class Of 1960)  
Marion Wingard (Class Of 1953)  
Wilbur Wise (Class Of 1940)  
Delbert "John" Wray (Class Of 1944)  

Tillman Abbott (Class Of 1953)  
Calvin "Henry" Aldrich (Class Of 1931)  
Sandford John Allen (Class Of 1936)  
Mabel Balser (Schilling) (Class Of 1923)  
Margaret Bloodhart (Bowman) (Class Of 1941)  
Charles Clay Briggs (Class Of 1933)  
Florence Clawson (Porter) (Class Of 1921)  
Helen Cohee (Orr) (Class Of 1930)  
Faith Conn (Class Of 1928)  
Winifred Connelly (Hiett) (Class Of 1932)  
Ruth Embrey (Tyler) (Class Of 1983)  
Ruth Fetterhoff (Houmard) (Class Of 1922)  
Bob Fish (Class Of 1962)  
Bessie Fossnock (Fassnacht) (Class Of 1917)  
Bonita Foster (Sieber) (Class Of 1948)  
William Howard (Class Of 1958)  
Luella Jeffries (Bratton) (Class Of 1925)  
Beryl Jenkins (Class Of 1933)  
Helen Kirkpatrick (Sumrow) (Class Of 1922)  
Oscar Kirkpatrick (Class Of 1939)  
John Lachenmaier (Class Of 1969)  
John Maxwell (Class Of 1930)  
Bonnie Jean McCarty (Crowden) (Class Of 1941)  
Opal McDowell (Swisher) (Class Of 1928)  
Kevin Minix (Class Of 1984)  
Josephine Myers (Class Of 1927)  
Dorothy Pauley (Waymire) (Class Of 1939)  
Raymond Eugene Penn (Class Of 1944)  
Melinda Reed (Class Of 1990)  
Thelma Richardson (Franklin) (Class Of 1931)  
Bill Roach (Class Of 1951)  
Marion Robbins (Briggs) (Class Of 1928)  
Josephine Rohrabaugh (Worth) (Class Of 1918)  
Carolyn Rule (Hurtt) (Class Of 1946)  
Richard R. Ryan (Class Of 1936)  
Mary Sagers (Vianco) (Class Of 1923)  
Virginia Katheryne Smith (Dubes) (Class Of 1936)  
Ralph Van Ostran (Class Of 1924)  
Lawrence Vandervolgen (Class Of 1933)  
Josephine Wagoner (Witham) (Class Of 1930)  
Ruby Whiteman (Roth) (Class Of 1927)  

Lynn Anderson (Class Of 1943)  
Bernice Arnott (Class Of 1929)  
Ann Benner (Hancook) (Class Of 1966)  
Rose Marie Boyles (Sharkey) (Class Of 1947)  
Brandon Brown (Class Of 1993)  
Lillian Brown (Ayres) (Class Of 1926)  
Robert Clem (Class Of 1920)  
Asa Cohee (Class Of 1928)  
Mary Lou Collins (McCleese) (Class Of 1957)  
Helen Day (Quick) (Class Of 1919)  
Irene DeWinton (Class Of 1924)  
William Dickinson (Class Of 1936)  
Angie Earlywine (Class Of 1994)  
Georgia Felthoff (Hunt) (Class Of 1944)  
Robert Graham (Class Of 1949)  
Robert Hall (Class Of 1923)  
Mary Hefling (Class Of 1925)  
Edith Hemmig (Aldrich) (Class Of 1937)  
Billie C. Hendryx (Class Of 1949)  
Fern Holsinger (Gibson) (Class Of 1927)  
Arthur Hoover (Class Of 1931)  
Max Hughes (Class Of 1949)  
Robert R. Hughes (Class Of 1936)  
James Hutton (Class Of 1943)  
Basil Isaacs (Class Of 1929)  
Joseph Ives (Class Of 1921)  
Alvin Justice III (Class Of 1978)  
Ruth Kempf (Allen) (Class Of 1930)  
William Samuel Kerlin, II (Class Of 1966)  
Fred Lamb (Class Of 1957)  
Mary Lane (Leitzke) (Class Of 1933)  
Celesta Leach (Myers) (Class Of 1924)  
Mildred Frances Martin (Trapp) (Class Of 1941)  
Pauline McCloud (Foster) (Class Of 1929)  
Thelma McCord (Henderson) (Class Of 1934)  
Carli McGill (Class Of 1994)  
Margaret McHardie (Lowe) (Class Of 1942)  
Ila Mears (Ebershoff) (Class Of 1924)  
Max Miller (Class Of 1951)  
Marguerite Moore (Herr) (Class Of 1924)  
Marlene Myers (McDaniel) (Class Of 1956)  
Lee Orr (Class Of 1929)  
Virginia Pletcher (Delany Brookbank) (Class Of 1938)  
Ruth Robbins (Fouts) (Class Of 1916)  
Eleanor Robinson (Doerr) (Class Of 1946)  
Carl Sagers (Class Of 1933)  
William Schnepp (Class Of 1940)  
Hazel Scott (Swatts) (Class Of 1916)  
Helen Shaffer (Novatney) (Class Of 1925)  
Howard G. Shaffer (Class Of 1936)  
Marjorie Sines (Goyer) (Class Of 1937)  
Alene H. Smith (Roach) (Class Of 1936)  
Robert Terry (Class Of 1970)  
Lloyd Vanscoy (Class Of 1928)  
Nolan Walker (Class Of 1923)  
Frances Wingerd (Mahoney) (Class Of 1925)  
Bernard Wray (Class Of 1937)  

Jack Black (Class Of 1957)  
Connie Brooks (Godson) (Class Of 1934)  
SueEllen Carey (Owens) (Class Of 1958)  
Charles Coghill (Class Of 1937)  
Amy Conn (Bormuth) (Class Of 1919)  
Thelma Cowger (Howard) (Class Of 1918)  
Dale Craig (Class Of 1947)  
Joe Daniels (Class Of 1937)  
Mary Ann Downing (Class Of 1952)  
Faye Dubes (Class Of 1927)  
John R. Dubes (Class Of 1942)  
Betty Lou Fife (Miller) (Class Of 1958)  
Jim Gasser (Class Of 1985)  
James Gerard (Class Of 1937)  
Freida Gruber (Page) (Class Of 1941)  
Marilyn Holloway (Smith) (Class Of 1938)  
Helen Hornbeck (Baird) (Class Of 1917)  
James Houser (Class Of 1975)  
Lucinda Hughes (Begley) (Class Of 1959)  
Ralph Donald Johns (Class Of 1925)  
Jim Kenworthy (Class Of 1957)  
Harold Leslie (Class Of 1926)  
Boyd Martin (Class Of 1934)  
Josephine McDowell (Brown) (Class Of 1921)  
Sally Measles (Hall) (Class Of 1959)  
Mary Messick (Ammerman-Young) (Class Of 1942)  
Joseph Mullin (Class Of 1971)  
Jackson Patton (Class Of 1933)  
Charles David Porter (Class Of 1961)  
Harold Quinn (Class Of 1950)  
Patricia Reifert (Abbott) (Class Of 1954)  
Jason Roddel (Class Of 1990)  
Dale Sanders (Class Of 1960)  
Marjorie Ann Scales (Welker Brown) (Class Of 1936)  
Anna Margaret Shaffer (Henderson) (Class Of 1933)  
John T Smith (Class Of 1939)  
Dick (Charles) Vianco (Class Of 1948)  
Florence Viney (Crone) (Class Of 1932)  
John Walker (Class Of 1933)  
Richard Wentzel (Class Of 1944)  
Mark Whitfield (Class Of 1986)  
James Wilson (Class Of 1948)  
Genevieve Wise (Plank) (Class Of 1932)  
Jeanette Wolf (McClintic) (Class Of 1930)  
Ruth Wood (Howell) (Class Of 1948)  

John Allen (Class Of 1963)  
Bessie Atkinson (Greenlee) (Class Of 1913)  
Blossom Brown (Class Of 1917)  
Keith Buchanon (Class Of 1984)  
Eugenetta Busteed (Kinney) (Class Of 1931)  
Alline Chissom (Gilmore) (Class Of 1932)  
Leonard Clawson (Class Of 1919)  
Jim Clem (Class Of 1951)  
Joe Coomey (Class Of 1931)  
Hazel Corn (Regal) (Class Of 1926)  
Mary Day (Harney) (Class Of 1937)  
Charles Dickinson (Class Of 1948)  
Aetna Gee (Raison) (Class Of 1920)  
Margaret Gillam (Maxwell) (Class Of 1918)  
Donald Haines (Class Of 1972)  
Tyson Harmon (Class Of 1993)  
John Heiland (Class Of 1933)  
Cletus Hoover (Class Of 1923)  
Helen Jackson (Hoover) (Class Of 1934)  
Irene Jacoby (Class Of 1923)  
Glen Jester (Class Of 1921)  
Don Kirkpatrick (Class Of 1945)  
Bruce Kite (Class Of 1938)  
Donald Kite (Class Of 1932)  
Kathryn Long (Class Of 1971)  
Cynthia Maxwell (Dill) (Class Of 1975)  
Michael Myer (Class Of 1968)  
Margaret Pearson (Limp) (Class Of 1926)  
Earl Powell (Class Of 1931)  
Jean A. Robinson (Cook) (Class Of 1942)  
Danny Rush (Class Of 1973)  
Bradley Shaeffer (Class Of 1978)  
Paul Shaffer (Class Of 1926)  
Essie Sheets (Bailey) (Class Of 1915)  
Ross Short (Class Of 1929)  
Paul Snoeberger (Class Of 1912)  
Mary Snyder (Shipley) (Class Of 1924)  
Dora Swatts (Spencer) (Class Of 1919)  
Paul Tanco (Class Of 1932)  
Eugene "Jack" Walters (Class Of 1939)  
Reed Weaver (Class Of 1930)  
Glenn Robert Wert (Class Of 1948)  
Herbert Wilson (Class Of 1949)  
Homer Wilson (Class Of 1923)  
Clayton Wise (Class Of 1929)  
Gladys Young (Woodrum) (Class Of 1924)  
Alice Zook (Holtman) (Class Of 1928)  

Peggy Aldrich (Meyer) (Class Of 1952)  
Burnice Allen (Orr) (Class Of 1928)  
Elizabeth Amick (McCormick) (Class Of 1927)  
Alyne Atkinson (Akers) (Class Of 1941)  
Gerald Beaver (Class Of 1959)  
Donald Berryman (Class Of 1941)  
Nellie Boone (Albaugh) (Class Of 1918)  
Elbert Brewer (Class Of 1941)  
Frank Brewer (Class Of 1923)  
Mary Bunnell (Mitch) (Class Of 1935)  
Paul Calvert (Class Of 1920)  
Hazel June Casley (Hohrein) (Class Of 1920)  
Josephine Clifford (Thieme) (Class Of 1916)  
Helen Cripe (Wolfe) (Class Of 1919)  
Howard De Witt (Class Of 1943)  
Paul "Judd" Ferrier (Class Of 1931)  
Patricia Fife (Coplen) (Class Of 1967)  
Ines Fisher (Luper) (Class Of 1920)  
Alice Foster (Winkler) (Class Of 1936)  
Vernon Gilliam (Class Of 1918)  
Paul Griffith (Class Of 1937)  
Hobart Hanaway (Class Of 1940)  
John Hawn (Class Of 1949)  
Edith Hobaugh (Plumb) (Class Of 1928)  
Marjorie Isaacs (Baker) (Class Of 1931)  
Aileen Jackson (Schutte) (Class Of 1934)  
Alicia Klepinger (Class Of 1987)  
Frances Kurtz (Henize) (Class Of 1955)  
Don Lear (Class Of 1955)  
Clarence Loveland (Class Of 1919)  
Wilma Loy (Patton) (Class Of 1920)  
Dale McCurdy (Class Of 1932)  
Bob Myers (Class Of 1949)  
Kenneth Myers (Class Of 1940)  
Martha Myers (Young) (Class Of 1951)  
Carlee Osborn (Walters) (Class Of 1945)  
Bill Perigo (Class Of 1930)  
Lloyd Edwin Porter (Class Of 1941)  
William Quinn (Class Of 1938)  
Sherrell Ratcliff (Weston) (Class Of 1962)  
Freeman Redding (Class Of 1929)  
Stella Richardson (Phillips) (Class Of 1923)  
Mildred Richter (Kelly) (Class Of 1932)  
Charles Ritzler (Class Of 1970)  
Maurice Rush (Class Of 1939)  
Dick Schmitter (Class Of 1947)  
Joe Schnepp (Class Of 1949)  
Alberta Schock (Mourer) (Class Of 1919)  
Dortha Shaffer (Class Of 1930)  
Mary Sharp (Newhart) (Class Of 1919)  
Donald Sheets (Class Of 1940)  
Boby Simmons (Class Of 1944)  
Thomas Snowberger (Class Of 1974)  
Connie Sparks (Herron) (Class Of 1969)  
Harold Sprague (Class Of 1950)  
Dorothy Underhill (Treida) (Class Of 1923)  
George Wagoner (Class Of 1929)  
Elton Wells (Class Of 1940)  
David Wood (Class Of 1944)  

Gladys M. Alford (Landis) (Class Of 1935)  
Dean Anderson (Class Of 1944)  
Leonard Austin (Class Of 1920)  
David Baum (Class Of 1929)  
Geraold Clawson (Class Of 1918)  
Paul Daniels (Class Of 1945)  
Herbert Dilling (Class Of 1919)  
Mary Disinger (Hufford) (Class Of 1920)  
C. Clay Doty (Class Of 1925)  
Judith Downing (Tignor) (Class Of 1961)  
Mary Alice Downs (Ferrier) (Class Of 1934)  
Dorothy Emrick (McDonald) (Class Of 1923)  
Leona (Peg) Gamble Hanna (Class Of 1931)  
Roberta Gardner (Cole) (Class Of 1925)  
Nellie Greenup (Ward) (Class Of 1917)  
Iona Gushwa (Metzger) (Class Of 1929)  
Mary Gustavel (Bradshaw) (Class Of 1919)  
Mary Heiland (Delaplane) (Class Of 1928)  
Mary Hobaugh (Sholty) (Class Of 1927)  
Donald Holmes (Class Of 1949)  
Edward Holmes (Class Of 1932)  
Bob Jackson (Class Of 1946)  
Edgar Larimore (Class Of 1936)  
Kathryn Lucas (Sigo) (Class Of 1933)  
Lillian Martin (Yoder) (Class Of 1946)  
Roger Mayhill (Class Of 1925)  
Hazel McCain (Coble) (Class Of 1907)  
Elizabeth Ellen Morrow (Gardiner) (Class Of 1941)  
James Obear (Class Of 1923)  
Robert Pearson (Class Of 1924)  
Thelma Phillips (Stacey) (Class Of 1939)  
Clarence Popejoy (Class Of 1927)  
Harley Rardon (Class Of 1921)  
Camila Rehwinkle (Winningham) (Class Of 1954)  
Shirley Jean Ringer (Furthmiller) (Class Of 1962)  
Jack Schilling (Class Of 1940)  
Edna Scott (Sager) (Class Of 1918)  
Evelyn Seese (Class Of 1973)  
Marguerite Sidenbender (Daughterty) (Class Of 1927)  
Horace E. Taylor (Class Of 1936)  
Letha Thompson (Isaacs) (Class Of 1939)  
Marabelle Trent (Felix) (Class Of 1941)  
Ben Wargo (Class Of 1994)  

Harold Anderson (Class Of 1933)  
Ruel Bloyd (Class Of 1929)  
George W. Campbell (Class Of 1945)  
Charles Chalk (Class Of 1960)  
Catherine Conn (Roadruck) (Class Of 1927)  
Dean Cripe (Class Of 1928)  
Herbert Davis (Class Of 1917)  
Linda Fisher (Class Of 1991)  
Lilith Gee (Clark) (Class Of 1922)  
Helen Irene Gross (Sterrett) (Class Of 1945)  
Kevin Hart (Class Of 1964)  
Marguerite Hildebran (Conrad) (Class Of 1924)  
Vasa Holsinger (Class Of 1922)  
Tony Jenkins (Class Of 1983)  
Georgia Loy (Quinn) (Class Of 1916)  
Hildred Mayhill (Crawford) (Class Of 1919)  
Tom McCain (Class Of 1926)  
Thomas McCormick (Class Of 1925)  
Virginia Moore (Hayden) (Class Of 1928)  
Denny Mote (Class Of 1983)  
Harold Newman (Class Of 1934)  
Albert Nichter (Class Of 1916)  
Troy Nipple (Class Of 1979)  
Elsie Perigo (Benzenbower) (Class Of 1932)  
Sam Perlman (Class Of 1920)  
Virginia Powell (Watte) (Class Of 1936)  
Ray E. Rupprecht (Class Of 1935)  
John D. Smith (Class Of 1936)  
Eunice Stewart (Ulm) (Class Of 1923)  
Robert Thompson (Class Of 1940)  
Agnes Wagoner (Class Of 1925)  
Robert Wilcox (Class Of 1949)  
Esther Wilson (Barber) (Class Of 1921)  
Rod Woods (Class Of 1986)  

Jason Been (Class Of 1906)  
Mary Benner (Class Of 1928)  
Paul Benner (Class Of 1926)  
Elizabeth Best (Class Of 1918)  
Walter Blickenstaff (Class Of 1923)  
Lillian Busteed (Reichel) (Class Of 1922)  
Berdenia May Cain (Class Of 1941)  
Dale Clawson (Class Of 1931)  
Lawrence (Bus) Delaney (Class Of 1944)  
Owen Delaney (Class Of 1934)  
Joy Draper (Barnhart) (Class Of 1926)  
Josephine Felthoff (Pearson) (Class Of 1936)  
Mildred Ruth Gerard (Weaver) (Class Of 1935)  
James Harris (Class Of 1968)  
Marilyn Jean Hubbard (Wood) (Class Of 1945)  
Russell Hunt (Class Of 1981)  
Beulah James (Class Of 1951)  
James Jones (Class Of 1964)  
Marty Kennedy (Class Of 1984)  
Charles Kerlin, Sr. (Class Of 1929)  
Rosemary Lee (Hess) (Class Of 1966)  
Woodrow McDowell (Class Of 1933)  
Frances Merrell (Walker) (Class Of 1943)  
Homer Overly (Class Of 1919)  
Bill Powell (Class Of 1951)  
Naomi Pruitt (Theophile) (Class Of 1916)  
Mary Frances Richardson (McWilliams) (Class Of 1940)  
Mary Margaret Schreiner (Moyer) (Class Of 1937)  
Clarence Shultheis (Class Of 1918)  
Martha Sites (White) (Class Of 1925)  
Judy Stone (Class Of 1964)  
Thelma Thompson (Wingard) (Class Of 1925)  
Mildred Vannatta (Lodes) (Class Of 1925)  
Thelma Wingard (Class Of 1925)  

Gregory Adams (Class Of 1972)  
Lela Beale (Underhill) (Class Of 1931)  
Joe Been (Class Of 1934)  
Bob Blickenstaff (Class Of 1946)  
James Harry Blythe (Class Of 1958)  
Blanche Boone (Wingard) (Class Of 1927)  
Pearl Bowman (Britton) (Class Of 1928)  
Robert Bradshaw (Class Of 1919)  
John Brookbank (Class Of 1944)  
Jo Ann Coomey (Koch) (Class Of 1958)  
Edward Duff (Class Of 1978)  
Edward Gochenour (Class Of 1932)  
Reed Gushwa (Class Of 1921)  
James Harter (Class Of 1983)  
Marvin Henderson (Class Of 1934)  
Ethel Hornbeck (Lybrook) (Class Of 1918)  
Ruth Jones (Mills) (Class Of 1918)  
Georgia Kerlin (Davis) (Class Of 1911)  
Hiriam Kerlin (Class Of 1917)  
Alta Kite (Packard) (Class Of 1934)  
Alta Mildred Kite (Packart) (Class Of 1934)  
Dawn Koeniger (Class Of 1989)  
G. William Little (Class Of 1942)  
Ella Mahanna (Class Of 1909)  
Doxie Moore (Class Of 1930)  
Hazel Rasler (Starkey) (Class Of 1921)  
Margaret Rice (Sanderson) (Class Of 1930)  
Ethel Robbins (Haslet) (Class Of 1909)  
Jessie Robinson (Ashba) (Class Of 1918)  
Oscar Rohrabaugh (Class Of 1917)  
Bessie Siferd (Houser) (Class Of 1927)  
Fleeta Smith (Wiles) (Class Of 1927)  
Leon Smith (Class Of 1952)  
Mayme Snyder (Cowdin) (Class Of 1919)  
Eva Trobaugh (Davidson) (Class Of 1919)  
Jacqueline Walters (Aldrich) (Class Of 1966)  
Myron Welch (Class Of 1960)  
Ruth Wilson (Brown Hufford) (Class Of 1923)  
Robert Wood (Class Of 1921)  

Paul Andrews (Class Of 1940)  
Howard Bradshaw (Class Of 1921)  
Freda Brown (Engle) (Class Of 1915)  
Dale Cain (Class Of 1937)  
John Carmichael (Class Of 1926)  
Zella Coppock (Stodgell) (Class Of 1925)  
Robert Cripe (Class Of 1941)  
Eugene Crowden (Class Of 1940)  
Orpha Fetterhoff (Hufford) (Class Of 1907)  
William Harner (Class Of 1939)  
Opal Hawley (Wise) (Class Of 1925)  
Paul Holsinger (Class Of 1927)  
Mary Imler (Coopman) (Class Of 1918)  
Ruth Irelan (Carmichael) (Class Of 1925)  
Jack M. Johns (Class Of 1942)  
Katheleen Kerlin (Curry) (Class Of 1917)  
Carolyn Kirkpatrick (Calvert) (Class Of 1920)  
Dorothy Lane (Hathaway) (Class Of 1956)  
Juanita LeRoche (Lamb) (Class Of 1935)  
Thelma Loy (Behrens) (Class Of 1922)  
Robert A. Martin (Class Of 1941)  
Maxine Maxwell (Shertzer) (Class Of 1931)  
Arthur M. McDowell (Class Of 1935)  
John McGreevey (Class Of 1927)  
Mary Jane Mount (Garver) (Class Of 1936)  
Alice Munday (Madison) (Class Of 1911)  
Ernest Murphy (Class Of 1926)  
Mary Ohnmacht (Class Of 1915)  
Mike Pearson (Class Of 1984)  
Evelyn Plunkett (Thompson) (Class Of 1955)  
Ardel Richter (Class Of 1927)  
Christopher Ridder (Class Of 1921)  
Henry L. Rozhon (Class Of 1941)  
Jeanne Sharpe (Bulger) (Class Of 1933)  
Argust Sheets (Class Of 1934)  
Raymond Short (Class Of 1928)  
Marian Sibbitt (Moyer) (Class Of 1910)  
Charles Smith (Class Of 1939)  
Craven Smith (Class Of 1938)  
Ruth Smith (Patrick) (Class Of 1929)  
William Smith (Class Of 1920)  
Mayola Stewart (Keeler) (Class Of 1941)  
Omar Strain (Class Of 1928)  
Ruby Thompson (Trent) (Class Of 1926)  
Edna Lorene Trawin (Brookshire) (Class Of 1924)  
Pauline Ulm (Shaeffer) (Class Of 1915)  
Everett Young (Class Of 1928)  

Loren Ayres (Class Of 1926)  
Ren Bates (Class Of 1911)  
Marvin Brehmer (Class Of 1945)  
Elsie Faye Dixon (Sharp) (Class Of 1912)  
Danny Dunham (Class Of 1964)  
Thelma Erb (Hart/McCoy) (Class Of 1923)  
Elsa Gardner (Mussleman) (Class Of 1910)  
Mary Gerard (Hanna) (Class Of 1928)  
Michael Guckien (Class Of 1940)  
Leona Holsinger (Vore) (Class Of 1922)  
William Harold Isaacs (Class Of 1926)  
Marguerite Kirkpatrick (Coleman) (Class Of 1914)  
Merideth Gene Kirkpatrick (Class Of 1938)  
Doug Landes (Class Of 1968)  
Herbert Leonhardt (Class Of 1925)  
Gene Maxwell (Class Of 1940)  
Wayne Million (Class Of 1933)  
Jessie Murphy (Class Of 1918)  
Katherine Myers (Coats) (Class Of 1924)  
Addie Neff (Jackson) (Class Of 1904)  
Thomas E. Pruitt (Class Of 1942)  
Ida C. Ray (Sheets) (Class Of 1935)  
Robert Robinson (Class Of 1948)  
Norberta Ruth-Olinger (Class Of 1916)  
Lorene Schock (Roggenkamp) (Class Of 1928)  
John Sieber (Class Of 1933)  
Minnie Snoeberger (Roach) (Class Of 1914)  
Faye Snyder (Coble) (Class Of 1916)  
Isabelle Swatts (Class Of 1918)  
Anna Thomas (Hunt) (Class Of 1903)  
Ruth Wagoner (Darragh) (Class Of 1925)  
Carole Welch (Dilling) (Class Of 1958)  
Anna Welday (Maxwell) (Class Of 1920)  

C. Raymond Atkinson (Class Of 1923)  
John Baum, Jr. (Class Of 1936)  
Dale Birley (Class Of 1946)  
Albert Blickenstaff (Class Of 1927)  
Grace Boone (Julien) (Class Of 1916)  
Jerry Boone (Class Of 1934)  
Melvin Bowman (Class Of 1926)  
Josephine Brooke (Toole) (Class Of 1921)  
Dan Clawson (Class Of 1947)  
Erik Clawson (Class Of 1983)  
Viola Emrick (Class Of 1925)  
Floyd Felthoff (Class Of 1934)  
Ralph Flora (Class Of 1937)  
Ralph Raymond Flora (Class Of 1910)  
Alan Fross (Class Of 1949)  
Herbert F. Garver (Class Of 1936)  
Paul Gochenour (Class Of 1917)  
Paul Gouchenour (Class Of 1918)  
Tina Hall (King) (Class Of 1916)  
Ralph Hankins (Class Of 1954)  
Robert Haugh (Class Of 1930)  
Esther Lorene Hinkle (Kauffman) (Class Of 1920)  
Nora Hoaglan (Rosenbarger) (Class Of 1929)  
Amos Hoard (Class Of 1966)  
Francis Hoover (Class Of 1928)  
Phillip Kramer (Class Of 1961)  
Sara Lachenmaier (Class Of 1965)  
Virgil Liebert (Class Of 1937)  
John Long (Class Of 1940)  
Robert Malone (Class Of 1937)  
Mary Mason (Thomas) (Class Of 1917)  
Katharine McDowell (Class Of 1927)  
Elizabeth Merrill (Ratcliff) (Class Of 1921)  
Bill Million (Class Of 1957)  
Gladys Mullendore (Ague) (Class Of 1940)  
Vernon Myers (Class Of 1932)  
Margaret Overholser (Friday) (Class Of 1920)  
Rosann Peirce (Smith) (Class Of 1911)  
Michael Peterson (Class Of 1986)  
John Sneathen (Class Of 1933)  
Clyde Coleman Spear (Class Of 1942)  
Genevia Sprinkle (Greenlee) (Class Of 1923)  
Judy Stoner (Class Of 1988)  
Judy Stoner (Class Of 1988)  
Josephine Thompson (Parker) (Class Of 1928)  
Nancy White (Hicks) (Class Of 1960)  
Woodrow Whiteman (Class Of 1933)  
Charles Wise (Class Of 1921)  
Eric Wise (Class Of 1983)  
Dale Young (Class Of 1934)  

Parke Beadle (Class Of 1931)  
June Been (West) (Class Of 1909)  
Wendell Bell (Class Of 1934)  
Kathryn Boone (Goslee) (Class Of 1931)  
Donna Carson (Viney) (Class Of 1925)  
Hubert Clifford (Class Of 1920)  
Robert Coomey (Class Of 1929)  
Charles Crone (Class Of 1927)  
Mary Crone (Hudson) (Class Of 1920)  
Joseph R. Crowell (Class Of 1945)  
Larry Donbeck (Class Of 1916)  
Loda Erb (Martin) (Class Of 1933)  
Mary Erb (Holst) (Class Of 1933)  
Sylvia Galloway (Temple) (Class Of 1924)  
Hazel Gee (Hamilton) (Class Of 1924)  
Jetse Gerbens (Class Of 1934)  
Jack Good (Class Of 1946)  
Lorene Goslee (Shultheis) (Class Of 1919)  
Roger Hanna (Class Of 1918)  
Ethel Harrison (Cushman) (Class Of 1911)  
Mary Hay (Clawson) (Class Of 1916)  
Dorthea Hemmig (Hazlett) (Class Of 1925)  
Joe Henderson (Class Of 1930)  
Harold Honan (Class Of 1913)  
Robert Julius (Class Of 1930)  
Frank Kerker (Class Of 1948)  
C. J. McGreevey (Class Of 1923)  
Joseph McKinley (Class Of 1938)  
Herman Neff (Class Of 1932)  
Lucille Nelson (Buck) (Class Of 1938)  
Helen Pearson (Sharpf) (Class Of 1924)  
Vera Rardon (Schermerhorn) (Class Of 1922)  
Robert Ratcliff (Class Of 1940)  
Florence Sanderson (McQueen) (Class Of 1915)  
Emma Smith (Sheets) (Class Of 1911)  
Herbert Smith (Class Of 1915)  
George Smock (Class Of 1923)  
Frederick Trapp (Class Of 1943)  
David Blake Underhill (Class Of 1978)  
Gilbert Underhill (Class Of 1933)  
John Wood (Class Of 1922)  

Gary Alberts, Jr. (Class Of 1979)  
John Benner (Class Of 1929)  
Ester Berry (Stonee) (Class Of 1931)  
Mabel Boone (Flora) (Class Of 1917)  
Mary Cochrane (Class Of 1901)  
Ester Cox (Gregg) (Class Of 1911)  
Mary Emrick (Sheets) (Class Of 1924)  
Melvin Fife (Class Of 1948)  
Estella Garner (Norris) (Class Of 1910)  
Ralph Hanna (Class Of 1921)  
Orpha Heiland (Trimble) (Class Of 1936)  
Ethel Hildebran (Johns) (Class Of 1905)  
Mary Hinkle (Class Of 1913)  
Edward Hufford (Class Of 1938)  
Eugene Hughes (Class Of 1938)  
Beatrice Lathrope (Campbell) (Class Of 1906)  
Esther Lentner (Quick) (Class Of 1924)  
Freda Long (Aveline) (Class Of 1932)  
Lucile Lyon (Class Of 1909)  
Lee Maxwell (Class Of 1917)  
Mildred Maxwell (Class Of 1922)  
Ozene Maxwell (Class Of 1911)  
Pauline McCain (Wilkinson) (Class Of 1921)  
William McCormick (Class Of 1920)  
Phyllis Moore (Brugh) (Class Of 1945)  
Beverly Morrison (Shaffer) (Class Of 1946)  
John Mount (Class Of 1937)  
Charles Niewerth (Class Of 1908)  
Beula Patton (Bryant) (Class Of 1921)  
Paul Rees (Class Of 1927)  
Evard Rohrabaugh (Class Of 1930)  
Eva Smock (Braden) (Class Of 1910)  
Charles Thompson (Class Of 1936)  
Ralph Thompson (Class Of 1928)  
Alice Vianco (Stevens) (Class Of 1931)  
Mary Vianco (Crone) (Class Of 1915)  
Willis Young (Class Of 1929)  
Mary Lee Zinn (Shaeffer) (Class Of 1942)  

Mary Allread (Class Of 1910)  
Ella Baird (Gilpin) (Class Of 1914)  
Benjamin Been (Class Of 1914)  
John Benjamin (Class Of 1934)  
Larry Boone (Class Of 1922)  
Charles Bowen (Class Of 1918)  
Harold Bowman (Class Of 1919)  
Robert Bowman (Class Of 1915)  
Mary Cartwright (Bergner) (Class Of 1925)  
Lois Coble (Bowman) (Class Of 1913)  
Mary Conn (Greenwalt) (Class Of 1922)  
Ernest Cripe (Class Of 1928)  
Luella Crowder (Blythe-Limp) (Class Of 1938)  
Marilyn Dempsey (Class Of 1955)  
Steve Downing (Class Of 1982)  
Bette Erb (Janz) (Class Of 1938)  
Lewis Funkhouser (Class Of 1914)  
Ralph Robinson Gerbens (Class Of 1938)  
Lora Goslee (Wise) (Class Of 1916)  
Ernest Gripe (Class Of 1928)  
Evelyn Harrison (Landis) (Class Of 1930)  
Arthur Hazelgrove (Class Of 1920)  
Flossie Hornbeck (Clawson) (Class Of 1905)  
Maxine Hunt (Borden) (Class Of 1951)  
Marie Jones (Adair) (Class Of 1909)  
Lawrence Leslie (Class Of 1925)  
Harry Martin (Class Of 1914)  
Merle McClure (Class Of 1918)  
Haughey Mount (Class Of 1911)  
Scott Pearson (Class Of 1974)  
Shirley Propes (Godbey) (Class Of 1963)  
Alta Rosenberger (Nagele) (Class Of 1918)  
Flora Rush (Smith) (Class Of 1915)  
Roy Sheets (Class Of 1948)  
Foy Sherman (Class Of 1928)  
Bobby Smith (Class Of 1969)  
Omar Smith (Class Of 1939)  
Eleanor Swartz (Carlise) (Class Of 1916)  
Luella Trawin (Abersoll) (Class Of 1927)  
Alice Turner (Carrier) (Class Of 1921)  
Ruth Viney (Campbell) (Class Of 1936)  
Ralph Wagner (Class Of 1929)  
Cindy Walters (Class Of 1977)  
Robert Wason (Class Of 1923)  
Glenda Weckerly (Milakis) (Class Of 1954)  
Helen Whiteman (Johnson) (Class Of 1957)  
Marjorie Wilson (Lorber) (Class Of 1925)  
Dorothy Wingard (Class Of 1916)  

Frances Amick (Johnson) (Class Of 1932)  
Charles Black (Class Of 1927)  
Janice Black (Gaither) (Class Of 1959)  
Vera Black (Eikenberry) (Class Of 1930)  
Russel Boothroyd (Class Of 1918)  
Harold Brewer (Class Of 1933)  
Alfred Briney (Class Of 1908)  
Claude Clawson (Class Of 1953)  
Mindwell Crampton (Wilson) (Class Of 1899)  
Mercedes Dwyer (Class Of 1965)  
Gregory Gardner (Class Of 1978)  
Minnie Gilpin (Schnepp) (Class Of 1907)  
David Hall (Class Of 1970)  
David Hammell (Class Of 1979)  
George Hays (Class Of 1945)  
Fredrick Heath (Class Of 1942)  
Paul Jacoby (Class Of 1931)  
Raymond Jack Johnson (Class Of 1921)  
Dwight Lesh (Class Of 1920)  
Richard Lucas (Class Of 1949)  
Adrian Marris (Class Of 1969)  
Ruth McCormick (Class Of 1914)  
Marie McGreevey (Schmitter) (Class Of 1913)  
Vernabelle Richardson (Woods) (Class Of 1938)  
Clyde Robbins (Class Of 1926)  
Mabel Robinson (Cole) (Class Of 1914)  
John Rohrabaugh (Class Of 1908)  
Thomas Sanderson (Class Of 1928)  
Robert Schooler (Class Of 1948)  
Devon Smith (Class Of 1933)  
Leah VanOstran (Class Of 1919)  
Leah VanOstran (Roberts) (Class Of 1921)  
Betty Wilson (Bridwell) (Class Of 1933)  
Robert Wingard (Class Of 1923)  

Gail Allen (Dawson) (Class Of 1933)  
Harry Anderson (Class Of 1917)  
Charles Baum (Class Of 1920)  
Brian Best (Class Of 1977)  
Icy Black (Class Of 1957)  
Hugh Bowman (Class Of 1928)  
Kenneth Britton (Class Of 1940)  
Ruth Brookshire (Rees) (Class Of 1933)  
Leo Craig (Class Of 1919)  
Max Craig (Class Of 1939)  
John Faucett (Class Of 1925)  
Lawrence Foster (Class Of 1921)  
Florence Guthrie (Blue) (Class Of 1910)  
Florence Harrison (Bieghler) (Class Of 1923)  
Wilma Haslet (Class Of 1948)  
Vernon Isley (Class Of 1940)  
George Maxwell (Class Of 1969)  
Christy McCain (Class Of 1925)  
Leroy Nichols (Class Of 1928)  
Elizabeth Quinn (Martin) (Class Of 1911)  
Jim Raderstorf (Class Of 1955)  
James Riley (Class Of 1927)  
Grace Roach (Grantham) (Class Of 1903)  
Harry Roach (Class Of 1916)  
Sallie Ryan (Grimm) (Class Of 1913)  
Jennie Shultz (Taylor) (Class Of 1901)  

Marybelle Adams (Class Of 1938)  
Betty Anderson (Butcher) (Class Of 1955)  
Teresa Barnett (Class Of 1975)  
John Bunnell (Class Of 1928)  
Anthony Chapman (Class Of 1977)  
Maurice Clifford (Class Of 1943)  
Neletta Clifford (Class Of 1914)  
Margaret Darragh (Class Of 1920)  
Clara Fauber (Small) (Class Of 1917)  
Clarence Foster (Class Of 1917)  
Earl High (Class Of 1939)  
Donald Huffman (Class Of 1961)  
Nellie Hufty (Gruber) (Class Of 1907)  
Georgia Lewis (Hanna) (Class Of 1903)  
John Brown Love (Class Of 1924)  
Lorene McCain (Grantham) (Class Of 1908)  
Vlon Morris (Class Of 1918)  
Mark Mullendore (Class Of 1980)  
Raymond Penn (Class Of 1922)  
Judy Rex (Miller) (Class Of 1964)  
Tammy Richter (Class Of 1980)  
Isabelle Rinehart (Baum) (Class Of 1906)  
Lewis Shaffer (Class Of 1927)  
Kyle Sharpf (Class Of 1922)  
Fanny Siferd (Elston) (Class Of 1923)  
Ada Smith (Dern) (Class Of 1902)  
David Smith (Class Of 1970)  
Charles Wood (Class Of 1920)  

Maybelle Acheson (Stewart) (Class Of 1907)  
Blanche Allen (Balser) (Class Of 1908)  
Leland Baum (Class Of 1921)  
Josephine Blanchard (Class Of 1907)  
Bessie Boyles (Swaim) (Class Of 1922)  
Harold Cobbs (Class Of 1978)  
Mary Katheryn Cox (Blevens) (Class Of 1935)  
Dick Crowden (Class Of 1946)  
Dean Echler (Class Of 1953)  
Harold Franklin (Class Of 1932)  
Charles Hallam (Class Of 1939)  
Jeremiah Haugh (Class Of 1922)  
Russel Hazelgrove (Class Of 1916)  
Ernest Hobaugh (Class Of 1923)  
Sondra Jester (Zook) (Class Of 1961)  
Paul Jones (Class Of 1923)  
Neva Mary Keen (Julien) (Class Of 1922)  
Mildred Landis (Myers) (Class Of 1919)  
Eugene Long (Class Of 1937)  
Moyne Musselman (Class Of 1926)  
Maude Oles (Rohrabaugh) (Class Of 1908)  
Fred Showwalter (Class Of 1913)  
Mark Smith (Class Of 1927)  
Marjorie Treichel (Runyon) (Class Of 1952)  
Olga Trobaugh (Long) (Class Of 1911)  
Emma Welker (Hayden) (Class Of 1927)  
Darrell E. Zinn (Class Of 1950)  

Ethel Baughman (Marson) (Class Of 1902)  
Gerald Bowman (Class Of 1927)  
Sylvia Clawson (Heffley) (Class Of 1924)  
Maud Davidson (Carr) (Class Of 1913)  
Norman Denny (Class Of 1961)  
Martha Gochenour (Sowers) (Class Of 1934)  
Lucile Good (Wilcox) (Class Of 1912)  
Wilber Grantham (Class Of 1904)  
Larry Gruber (Class Of 1911)  
Waunita Haslet (Cooper) (Class Of 1945)  
Donald Hoover (Class Of 1926)  
Grace Hornbeck (Hendryx) (Class Of 1907)  
Walter Lowther (Class Of 1929)  
Edwin McGuire (Class Of 1924)  
Harold Patton (Class Of 1920)  
Harvey Sheagley (Class Of 1910)  
Frank Shepard (Class Of 1910)  
Lena Sparks (Hannell) (Class Of 1909)  
John Stewart (Class Of 1927)  
Floyd Thompson (Class Of 1924)  
Glenn Weckerly (Class Of 1925)  
Bess Wilson (Carey) (Class Of 1904)  

Louise Bohannon (Hardin) (Class Of 1911)  
Reed Brackenridge (Class Of 1926)  
Mary Chadd (Donor) (Class Of 1934)  
Jack Clifford (Class Of 1942)  
Nellie Davidson (Musselman) (Class Of 1916)  
Frances Dern (Fischer) (Class Of 1915)  
Mable Giles (Roberts) (Class Of 1911)  
Edith Gruber (Norman) (Class Of 1916)  
Richard Haugh (Class Of 1925)  
Paul Hawn (Class Of 1921)  
Rosemary Ruth Heffley (Herrli) (Class Of 1945)  
Ruth Hinkle (Large) (Class Of 1914)  
Burton Honan (Class Of 1912)  
Harry Hooley (Class Of 1919)  
Ralph Jester (Class Of 1917)  
Dorothy Knight (Greene) (Class Of 1906)  
Dwaine Macak (Class Of 1947)  
Frank Mason (Class Of 1938)  
Jennings Bryan Miller (Class Of 1916)  
Bernard Pearson (Class Of 1929)  
Ralph Preston (Class Of 1919)  
Lucille Sanders (Lucas) (Class Of 1928)  
Josephine Schrader (Hanneforth) (Class Of 1926)  
Mary Scott (Allen) (Class Of 1903)  
Carl E. Shaeffer (Class Of 1942)  
Florence Shortridge (Houser) (Class Of 1913)  
Grace Todd (Clawson) (Class Of 1919)  
Charles Vaughn (Class Of 1926)  
Josephine Widner (LaPlante) (Class Of 1929)  

Martha Armstrong (Hanna) (Class Of 1918)  
Stanley Boyles (Class Of 1954)  
Harold Bussell (Class Of 1940)  
Edythe Clauson (Sanderson-Dickinson) (Class Of 1909)  
Dorothy Louise Cole (King) (Class Of 1942)  
Edna Collins (VanArsdale) (Class Of 1899)  
Louise Galloway (Heiland) (Class Of 1922)  
Fred Gerard (Class Of 1923)  
LaVerne Goff (Class Of 1926)  
Merle Gushwa (Gingrich) (Class Of 1918)  
Everrett Lamb (Class Of 1934)  
Watson McCormick (Class Of 1927)  
Andrew Musselman (Class Of 1911)  
Earl Newell (Class Of 1905)  
Ivan Popejoy (Class Of 1938)  
Paul Quinn (Class Of 1927)  
Frances Reed (Gripe) (Class Of 1928)  
Mildred Roskuski (Class Of 1920)  
Estelle Sibbit (Been) (Class Of 1907)  
William Slagle (Class Of 1948)  
Lester Temple (Class Of 1925)  
Tom Thomas (Class Of 1921)  
Jessie Thompson (Drake) (Class Of 1903)  
Bob Trobaugh (Class Of 1930)  
Paul Vianco (Class Of 1936)  
Mary Watt (Harshman) (Class Of 1912)  

Stella Anderson (Hindman) (Class Of 1907)  
Logan Arnold (Class Of 1910)  
George Baum (Class Of 1914)  
Bessie Bibbons (Hencke) (Class Of 1903)  
Rena Brookshire (Class Of 1934)  
Willard Cartwright (Class Of 1920)  
Opal Clawson (Strycker) (Class Of 1923)  
Russel Craig (Class Of 1914)  
Hale Ellis (Class Of 1931)  
Thelma Galloway (Sines) (Class Of 1937)  
Kate Gresham (Kerlin) (Class Of 1901)  
Tom Hannell (Class Of 1932)  
Clarence Hobaugh (Class Of 1937)  
Lewis Lear (Class Of 1958)  
Ruby McCabe (Kendall) (Class Of 1912)  
Clayton Million (Class Of 1925)  
Vera Myers (Helm) (Class Of 1918)  
Maud Ritchey (Oaks) (Class Of 1915)  
Clara Schenck (Smith) (Class Of 1917)  
Dorothy Snyder (Vail) (Class Of 1913)  
Violet Tyler (Clawson) (Class Of 1920)  

James Terry Abbott (Class Of 1962)  
Robert Alberts (Class Of 1934)  
Raymond Baer (Class Of 1930)  
Adelphia Bitler (Class Of 1909)  
Janice Burkhalter (Class Of 1971)  
Louisa Carithers (Fountain) (Class Of 1908)  
Dick Clifford (Class Of 1941)  
Grace Culler (Shaffer) (Class Of 1902)  
Fred Hannel (Class Of 1919)  
Ruby Harvey (Carson) (Class Of 1919)  
Richard Higginbotham (Class Of 1907)  
Paul Hoshaw (Class Of 1918)  
Sadie Imler (Phillips) (Class Of 1915)  
Mary Ives (Dole) (Class Of 1919)  
Jessie Julien (Todd) (Class Of 1911)  
John Kirkpatrick (Class Of 1917)  
Ruth Malia (Flagler) (Class Of 1912)  
Thomas Martin (Class Of 1908)  
Robert Million (Class Of 1928)  
Stella Robinson (Givler) (Class Of 1904)  
Lucy Roskuski (Class Of 1927)  
Genevieve Ryan (Class Of 1909)  
Esther Shirk (Class Of 1922)  
John Shultheis (Class Of 1923)  
Mable Sites (Frazer) (Class Of 1920)  
Isabelle Smock (Carew) (Class Of 1922)  
Jack Swatts (Class Of 1925)  
Harry Wirick (Class Of 1916)  
Joan Yerkes (Ringer) (Class Of 1943)  

Mary Anderson (Ginn) (Class Of 1920)  
Dick Brewer (Class Of 1947)  
Earl Busch (Class Of 1913)  
Dick Coble (Class Of 1942)  
William Cunningham (Class Of 1966)  
William Dern (Class Of 1929)  
Bertha Gardner (Thomas) (Class Of 1917)  
Edith Gushwa (Brown) (Class Of 1914)  
William Hoshaw (Class Of 1921)  
Letitia Lewis (Kruger) (Class Of 1905)  
Norma McCarty (Barnhart) (Class Of 1943)  
Kenneth Mears (Class Of 1946)  
James Moore (Class Of 1970)  
Robert O'Conner (Class Of 1906)  
Charles Odell (Class Of 1897)  
Robert Popejoy (Class Of 1929)  
Dick Raderstorf (Class Of 1951)  
Wilford Rariden (Class Of 1909)  
Ronnie Richardson (Class Of 1953)  
Susan Sage (Fagan) (Class Of 1960)  
Lynnville Simmons (Class Of 1945)  
Lazarre Thompson (Class Of 1920)  
Gail Tracht (Knodle) (Class Of 1909)  
Wilber Trawin (Class Of 1918)  
Mary Wason (Comfort) (Class Of 1923)  
Hilda Bernice Wise (Alberts) (Class Of 1935)  
Zoua Wood (Taylor) (Class Of 1905)  

Frank Armstrong (Class Of 1926)  
Edna Best (Quinn) (Class Of 1917)  
Wilber Blanchard (Class Of 1901)  
Glenn Calvert (Class Of 1919)  
Ray Calvert (Class Of 1916)  
Donald Chapman (Class Of 1930)  
Donald Duff (Class Of 1943)  
Perry Fraser (Class Of 1917)  
Bertha Hornbeck (Julien) (Class Of 1911)  
Cj Hyman (Class Of 1948)  
Kathalene Jacoby (Groninger) (Class Of 1926)  
Floyd Julien (Class Of 1908)  
Frank W. Lamb, Jr. (Class Of 1936)  
Willard Lane (Class Of 1897)  
Nina Lyon (Dean) (Class Of 1910)  
Willian Mahanna (Class Of 1914)  
Guy Maxwell (Class Of 1906)  
Clydelle Myers (Hodson) (Class Of 1962)  
Claud Parker (Class Of 1921)  
Carl Reed (Class Of 1918)  
Bowen Robinson (Class Of 1910)  
Henry Rohrabaugh (Class Of 1906)  
Ralph Smith (Class Of 1918)  
Georgia Thayer (Maxwell) (Class Of 1909)  
William Thompson (Class Of 1951)  
Mike Walters (Class Of 1967)  
Jean Whiteman (Class Of 1969)  
Ruth Whiteman (Class Of 1925)  

Bitler Armstrong (Class Of 1920)  
Ethel Atkinson (Patterson) (Class Of 1909)  
Edward Coomey (Class Of 1920)  
Regina Donlin (O'Conner) (Class Of 1905)  
Harry Elmore (Class Of 1965)  
Lenora Jean Foster (McCormick) (Class Of 1940)  
Claude Giles (Class Of 1918)  
Raymond High, Jr. (Class Of 1936)  
Max Holmes (Class Of 1932)  
Gertrude Honan (Class Of 1913)  
Charles Jackson (Class Of 1915)  
Harold Julien (Class Of 1919)  
Hazel Long (Herr) (Class Of 1929)  
Jerry Myers (Class Of 1962)  
Robert Ryan (Class Of 1917)  
Wilma Smeltzer (Laprad) (Class Of 1936)  
Florence Thompson (Hoshaw) (Class Of 1906)  
Wardlow Tyler (Class Of 1917)  
Ronnie Waymire (Class Of 1959)  
Harry Wilson (Class Of 1929)  
Lorene Wingered (DeWaard) (Class Of 1920)  

Margaret Atkinson (Afflis Johnston) (Class Of 1916)  
Ida Brown (Allman) (Class Of 1906)  
Norman Carmichael (Class Of 1946)  
Reuuben Craig (Class Of 1911)  
William Gardner (Class Of 1924)  
John Greenwalt (Class Of 1921)  
Ralph Harrison (Class Of 1917)  
Everett Heck (Class Of 1911)  
Kathryn Hoshaw (Class Of 1965)  
Leroy Kerlin (Class Of 1899)  
Donald Koontz (Class Of 1926)  
Leroy Orahood (Class Of 1907)  
John Sanderson (Class Of 1931)  
Jessie Siferd (Keever) (Class Of 1925)  
Bessie Smith (Martin) (Class Of 1910)  
Dorothy Smith (Orr) (Class Of 1906)  
Richard Thompson (Class Of 1938)  
Marshall Wagoner (Class Of 1929)  

Ada Armstrong (Hinkle) (Class Of 1892)  
Will Bridge (Class Of 1898)  
Harold Cheeseman (Class Of 1939)  
Walter Conn (Class Of 1926)  
Herbert Creek (Class Of 1894)  
Cheryl Cripe (Class Of 1964)  
George Deel (Class Of 1906)  
John Dubes (Class Of 1967)  
Joseph Greenup (Class Of 1921)  
Walter Grimm (Class Of 1909)  
Helen Hildebran (Ross) (Class Of 1939)  
Arlie Julien (Class Of 1916)  
William Lintner (Class Of 1906)  
Zelpha Meyer (Kramer) (Class Of 1903)  
Fredrick Morrison (Class Of 1927)  
Walter Nichter (Class Of 1917)  
Arthur Rhinehart (Class Of 1916)  
Bessie Rothenberger (Class Of 1900)  
Ruth Royster (Mount) (Class Of 1912)  
Lee Shaeffer (Class Of 1916)  
Frederick Smith (Class Of 1914)  
Harry Trawin (Class Of 1898)  
Everett Welday (Class Of 1928)  
Grover C. Whiteman, Jr. (Class Of 1936)  
Edward Wingard (Class Of 1918)  
Imogene Zook (Eikenberry) (Class Of 1931)  

Robert Anderson (Class Of 1922)  
Sarah Armstrong (Johnson) (Class Of 1897)  
Marie Brewer (Class Of 1916)  
Ruth Carney (Class Of 1918)  
Robert Davidson (Class Of 1913)  
Mabel Dawson (Sandifur) (Class Of 1902)  
Opal Eikenberry (Wingard) (Class Of 1925)  
Clifford Hildebran (Class Of 1907)  
Harriet Hubbard (McCully) (Class Of 1916)  
Howard Hunter (Class Of 1930)  
John Ives (Class Of 1924)  
Beatrice Kite (Class Of 1914)  
Eva Vivian Long (McKimson) (Class Of 1935)  
Dorothea Lynch (Shanklin) (Class Of 1896)  
Abram Martin (Class Of 1922)  
Eva Overholser (Lynch) (Class Of 1919)  
K. Jerome Parker (Class Of 1942)  
Paul Quick (Class Of 1917)  
Nola Thompson (Harmon) (Class Of 1918)  

Byron Baird (Class Of 1917)  
Sarah Coble (Nichols) (Class Of 1908)  
Caroline Cripe (Reynolds) (Class Of 1951)  
Bertha Dern (Noble) (Class Of 1896)  
Clifford Eikenberry (Class Of 1931)  
Marie Frisbee (Myer) (Class Of 1907)  
Geraldine Goslee (Class Of 1933)  
Martha Hall (Apt) (Class Of 1921)  
Clarence Hayes (Class Of 1947)  
Clarence Hays (Class Of 1945)  
Kay Hensley (Class Of 1966)  
Carl Peters (Class Of 1954)  
Maud Powell (Newell) (Class Of 1917)  
Jessie Short (Class Of 1930)  
Mary Sims (Clauser) (Class Of 1901)  
James Ward (Class Of 1957)  
Elmer Watkins (Class Of 1940)  

Mary Esther Austin (Baum) (Class Of 1945)  
Forrest Brehmer (Class Of 1949)  
Robert Broadlick (Class Of 1929)  
Dale Calvert (Class Of 1919)  
Josephine Cartwright (Ives) (Class Of 1893)  
John Coble (Class Of 1914)  
Keith Coble (Class Of 1942)  
Thelma Cushman (Wright) (Class Of 1923)  
Joseph Erb (Class Of 1919)  
Auda Gee (Studebaker) (Class Of 1905)  
Clark Ginn (Class Of 1923)  
Chauncey Hufty (Class Of 1906)  
Ariel Huntsinger (Class Of 1916)  
Harry Kerlin (Class Of 1903)  
Edna Kirkpatrick (Class Of 1908)  
Ada Lathrope (Inglee) (Class Of 1897)  
Helen Malia (Davis) (Class Of 1921)  
Mark Malia (Class Of 1917)  
Edwin Maxwell (Class Of 1909)  
Claudia Metsker (Pitman) (Class Of 1891)  
Robert Mohler (Class Of 1961)  
Russell Pearson (Class Of 1928)  
John Roth (Class Of 1930)  
George Shockley (Class Of 1957)  
Frank Shoup (Class Of 1939)  
Fannie Smith (Kisco) (Class Of 1922)  
Lawerence Spivey (Class Of 1939)  
Larry Trawin (Class Of 1902)  
Katherine Wilson (Sear) (Class Of 1919)  
Mildred Wise (Wilson) (Class Of 1925)  

Eva Marie Bougher (Isley) (Class Of 1942)  
John Carney (Class Of 1922)  
Larry Coble (Class Of 1910)  
Nellie Colvin (Pearson) (Class Of 1902)  
Dorothy Dern (Swanson) (Class Of 1903)  
Floyd Gibbons (Class Of 1923)  
Ada Gochenour (Martin) (Class Of 1936)  
Helen Goslee (Norris) (Class Of 1925)  
Ada Marjorie Gouhenour (Martin) (Class Of 1936)  
Luther Grantham (Class Of 1902)  
Doris Hemmig (Nelson) (Class Of 1930)  
Gardner Martin (Class Of 1930)  
Albert McNeel (Class Of 1900)  
Leonard Raider (Class Of 1920)  
Robert Roskuski (Class Of 1926)  
Walter Ruffing (Class Of 1901)  
Catherine Schemerhorn (Brackenridge) (Class Of 1888)  
Kathryn Smith (Crone) (Class Of 1927)  
Ray Smith (Class Of 1912)  
Joyce Sollars (Class Of 1955)  
George Wason (Class Of 1925)  
Amelia Wilson (Class Of 1946)  
Donald Wilson (Class Of 1927)  
Gertrude Wolever (Welker) (Class Of 1906)  

Alphia Armstrong (Pattee) (Class Of 1897)  
William Cochrane (Class Of 1902)  
Carrie Collins (Class Of 1897)  
Paul Conn (Class Of 1928)  
Charles Gregg (Class Of 1901)  
Jack Grimm (Class Of 1934)  
Robert Hanna (Class Of 1929)  
Ivy Jackson (Neff) (Class Of 1909)  
Carlye Kirkpatrick (Class Of 1912)  
Eppie Lesh (Martin) (Class Of 1916)  
Kenneth Liebert (Class Of 1928)  
Lawrence Margowski (Class Of 1920)  
Floyd Menaugh (Class Of 1900)  
Mildred Merrill (Smith) (Class Of 1916)  
Bracken Pollard (Class Of 1906)  
Kate Robinson (Weil) (Class Of 1905)  
William Smock (Class Of 1912)  
Arthur Thompson (Class Of 1907)  
Edith Thompson (Coomey) (Class Of 1912)  
Harry Vaughan (Class Of 1929)  
Mildred Wilson (Kellenburger) (Class Of 1924)  
Clarence Wingard (Class Of 1896)  

Bertha Bickell (Klute) (Class Of 1913)  
Joe Donlin (Class Of 1915)  
Gerald Fry (Class Of 1954)  
Faye Hathaway (Eyestone) (Class Of 1957)  
Howard Howell (Class Of 1931)  
Lois Imler (Warner) (Class Of 1908)  
Rheno Isherwood (Class Of 1909)  
Naomi Johnson (Class Of 1908)  
Don Julien (Class Of 1912)  
Paul Nipple (Class Of 1958)  
Edith Page (Hefling) (Class Of 1907)  
Agnes Robinson (McCouch) (Class Of 1907)  
William Schweiger (Class Of 1928)  
Helen Sims (Class Of 1912)  
Charles Trawin (Class Of 1891)  
Ruth Wilkinson (Robbins) (Class Of 1922)  

Fay Alkire (Forrest) (Class Of 1903)  
Mabel Almond (Anderson) (Class Of 1897)  
Goldie Arnott (Hoffer) (Class Of 1905)  
Fay Breckenridge (Hoch) (Class Of 1909)  
Clarence Cain (Class Of 1928)  
Nellie Collins (Whitcomb) (Class Of 1893)  
Lenna Dern (Hurst) (Class Of 1895)  
Mildred Gurley (James) (Class Of 1923)  
Emma Jackson (Obear) (Class Of 1888)  
Charles Julius (Class Of 1898)  
Harry Julius (Class Of 1901)  
Alice Kennard (Cheadle) (Class Of 1896)  
Edna Love (Reading-Acheson) (Class Of 1910)  
Forrest Orr (Class Of 1906)  
John Roach (Class Of 1909)  
Hazel Rohrabaugh (Shultheis) (Class Of 1915)  
George Roskuski (Class Of 1920)  
Donald Rothenberger (Class Of 1921)  
Carl Sholty (Class Of 1930)  

Nellie Baughman (Humiston) (Class Of 1905)  
Esther Baum (Land) (Class Of 1920)  
Fay Baum (Holloway) (Class Of 1916)  
Clyde Bitler (Class Of 1906)  
James Harry Brewer (Class Of 1909)  
Nellie Cartwright (Shigley) (Class Of 1903)  
William Clauser (Class Of 1925)  
Newell Cox (Class Of 1910)  
Walter Flora (Class Of 1907)  
Julia Gross (Cowdin) (Class Of 1896)  
John Hamling (Class Of 1921)  
Earl Kratz (Class Of 1919)  
Burton Lane (Class Of 1900)  
Eva Mohr (Ives) (Class Of 1901)  
Frank Raber (Class Of 1900)  
Ralph Reagon (Class Of 1925)  
Mary Jo Reed (Jones) (Class Of 1928)  
William Wingard (Class Of 1895)  

Abner Bowen (Class Of 1916)  
Faith Butz (Mash) (Class Of 1906)  
Meredith Carney (Dial) (Class Of 1922)  
Lois Cox (Class Of 1915)  
Geneva Davidson (Patterson) (Class Of 1917)  
Paul Gregg (Class Of 1905)  
William Lynch (Class Of 1888)  
Leah Maxwell (Chamberlin) (Class Of 1891)  
Minnie McCain (Baum) (Class Of 1888)  
Jesse Moore (Class Of 1888)  
Lewis Pigman (Wood) (Class Of 1903)  
William Turner (Class Of 1910)  
Ada Welday (Roach) (Class Of 1926)  
Edna Mabel Wetzel (Northrup) (Class Of 1916)  
Larry Wolever (Class Of 1902)  

Eva Conway (Ditzenberger) (Class Of 1916)  
Arthur Dern (Class Of 1901)  
Myrtle Gillam (Bougher) (Class Of 1914)  
Dorothy Hayes (Bunch) (Class Of 1928)  
Lorena Myer (Jackson) (Class Of 1939)  
Josephine Odell (Class Of 1901)  
Marie Robbins (Appleton) (Class Of 1926)  
Ione Shultz (Clayton) (Class Of 1904)  
Lizzie Stranathan (Askew) (Class Of 1885)  
Earl Thompson (Class Of 1903)  

Leonard Blythe (Class Of 1924)  
Bessie Hall (Shaffer) (Class Of 1911)  
Bessie Higginbotham (Mount) (Class Of 1911)  
Ida Johnson (Emanuel) (Class Of 1877)  
Joe Loy (Class Of 1932)  
Gertrude McCain (Class Of 1896)  
James Omelvena (Class Of 1899)  
John Ray Rush (Class Of 1910)  
Edith Timmons (Class Of 1911)  
Ruth Timmons (Class Of 1913)  
Elizabeth Troxell (Class Of 1894)  

James Bennett (Class Of 1906)  
Lloyd Blickenstaff (Class Of 1923)  
George Bradshaw (Class Of 1900)  
John Delaney (Class Of 1937)  
Gladys Draper (Townsend) (Class Of 1920)  
Georgia Gregg (Kerlin) (Class Of 1893)  
Mary Harrison (Sylvester) (Class Of 1924)  
William Keener (Class Of 1902)  
Frank Shallenberger (Class Of 1912)  
Pearl Stansel (Class Of 1892)  

Dumont Benjamin (Class Of 1910)  
Josephine Boyd (Ulm) (Class Of 1914)  
John Cartwright (Class Of 1916)  
William Cowdin (Class Of 1919)  
Roy Gilpin (Class Of 1913)  
Eva Gould (Clark) (Class Of 1886)  
Katie Haynes (Trawin) (Class Of 1893)  
Esther Lesh (Hedderich) (Class Of 1912)  
Paul Menaugh (Class Of 1902)  
Carl Schreiner (Class Of 1909)  
Goldie Scott (Class Of 1903)  
Dick Soverns (Class Of 1953)  
Lou Speece (Blanchard) (Class Of 1879)  
Katherine Timmons (Nibarger) (Class Of 1910)  
Verna Williams (Brubaker) (Class Of 1889)  

M. H. (Jack) Bloyd (Class Of 1925)  
Herman Ewald (Class Of 1911)  
Loyal Hoshaw (Class Of 1913)  
Blanche Ives (Hadley) (Class Of 1899)  
Gordon Julien (Class Of 1922)  
Mary Lesh (Baldwin) (Class Of 1910)  
Grace Moore (Miller) (Class Of 1885)  
Lawrence Rariden (Class Of 1905)  
Fred Smith (Class Of 1904)  
Henry Wingard (Class Of 1888)  

Frank Bibbins (Class Of 1899)  
Harry Busteed (Class Of 1897)  
Mabel Galbreth (Miller-Dowell) (Class Of 1912)  
Hubert Gros (Class Of 1922)  
Eleanor Hare (Class Of 1889)  
Katherine Harrison (Jenkins) (Class Of 1926)  
Thomas Lathrope (Class Of 1924)  
Orville Mabbit (Class Of 1918)  
Ross Reed (Class Of 1926)  
Laura Titlow (Brewer) (Class Of 1893)  
Lou VanAtta (Rike) (Class Of 1889)  

Edward Brennan (Class Of 1903)  
Herman Douglass (Class Of 1907)  
Russell Hathaway (Class Of 1945)  
Benjamin Jackson (Class Of 1904)  
Florence Kerlin (Lathrope) (Class Of 1899)  
Larry McAfee (Class Of 1901)  
Emma Meyer (Class Of 1898)  
Frank Thomson (Class Of 1928)  
James Wason (Class Of 1885)  

Lynn Brookbank (Class Of 1908)  
Clara Dern (Landis) (Class Of 1896)  
Clarence Engle (Class Of 1916)  
Elizabeth Fisher (Murphy) (Class Of 1876)  
Hobart Gregg (Class Of 1914)  
Lou Holmes (Schermerhorn) (Class Of 1882)  
Julia Kessler (Stewart) (Class Of 1877)  
Dean Kite (Class Of 1910)  
Earl Little (Class Of 1909)  
Clay Metsker (Class Of 1887)  
Byron Moore (Class Of 1926)  
Millard Moore (Class Of 1906)  
Berniedine Pratt (Cleveland) (Class Of 1920)  
Joy Redmon (Class Of 1951)  
Manson Rothenberger (Class Of 1901)  
Donald Vianco (Class Of 1934)  
Mary Walker (Perry) (Class Of 1884)  
Ida White (Busteed) (Class Of 1887)  
Carrie Young (Class Of 1886)  

Harry Baer (Class Of 1923)  
Russel Julius (Class Of 1915)  
Miriam Robinson (Andrews) (Class Of 1911)  

Burr Balser (Class Of 1908)  
Eldridge Hart Booth (Class Of 1886)  
Albert Clauser (Class Of 1901)  
Earl Flora (Class Of 1911)  
William Harley (Class Of 1912)  
Joseph Lyon (Class Of 1923)  
Lawrence Merrell (Class Of 1916)  
Dora Meyers (Class Of 1899)  
Millard Quinn (Class Of 1915)  
Josephine Schermerhorn (Fry) (Class Of 1887)  
Fannie Shealy (Class Of 1883)  
Raymond Thomas (Class Of 1906)  

Susie Dasher (Class Of 1885)  
Roscoe Dillen (Class Of 1898)  
Geneva Ginn (Carl) (Class Of 1926)  
Thomas Headlee (Class Of 1895)  
Neva Moore (Wagoner) (Class Of 1892)  
Albert Owens (Class Of 1915)  
Anna Phinney (Jackson) (Class Of 1879)  
Floyd Tracht (Class Of 1921)  
Addie Wood (Eldridge) (Class Of 1880)  

Robert Baer (Class Of 1940)  
Gladys Calvert (Zirkle) (Class Of 1908)  
Tommy Clifford (Class Of 1910)  
Katerine Higginbotham (Brooker) (Class Of 1909)  
Lois Redmon (Class Of 1948)  
Robert Roach (Class Of 1920)  

Robert A. Balser (Class Of 1942)  
Joseph Carey (Class Of 1944)  
Robert Fountain (Class Of 1942)  
Robert Gee (Class Of 1940)  
Kathryn Hay (Eaton) (Class Of 1918)  
Ronald James (Class Of 1939)  
George Loveland (Class Of 1923)  
Edwin Neher (Class Of 1895)  
Owen Schweiger (Class Of 1940)  
Bessie Sims (Gardner) (Class Of 1903)  
Maurice Summersgill (Class Of 1899)  
Richard Ward (Class Of 1943)  
Elizabeth Wilkinson (Andrew) (Class Of 1938)  
Robert Yates (Class Of 1941)  

Lanty Armstrong (Class Of 1917)  
Arthur Bradshaw (Class Of 1880)  
Fred Breeze (Class Of 1892)  
Cloid Crawford (Class Of 1895)  
Florence Crawford (Class Of 1897)  
Gilbert Gaylord Fincher (Class Of 1941)  
William Ulric Gee (Class Of 1935)  
Alice Gros (Doolittle) (Class Of 1891)  
Mable Jakes (Crowl) (Class Of 1896)  
Lizzie Love (Class Of 1891)  
Ralph Maggart Jr. (Class Of 1945)  
Belle McClure (Gwinn) (Class Of 1878)  
Clyde Metsker (Class Of 1895)  
Reed Schermerhorn (Class Of 1879)  

Beryl Baum (Class Of 1938)  
Bessie Bowen (Robinson) (Class Of 1881)  
William Bradshaw (Class Of 1887)  
Paul Cain (Class Of 1945)  
Charles Cartwright (Class Of 1897)  
Florence Lyon (Lyman) (Class Of 1906)  
Sarah Smith (Pratt) (Class Of 1872)  
Eloise Ward (Schweiger) (Class Of 1941)  

Billy Baird (Class Of 1940)  
Raymond Brookshire (Class Of 1939)  
Oscar Gee (Class Of 1911)  
Florence Gregg (Martin) (Class Of 1914)  
Betty Landis (Class Of 1939)  
Effie Newell (McNeel) (Class Of 1906)  
Fanny Robinson (Carney) (Class Of 1901)  

John Fisher (Class Of 1875)  
Lucille Haynes (Class Of 1918)  
Stella McAfee (Cartwright) (Class Of 1894)  
Lewis Schock (Class Of 1934)  
Minnie Scott (Farr) (Class Of 1896)  
Lida Smith (Hall) (Class Of 1890)  
Lucy Wolever (Starks) (Class Of 1903)  

Kathryn Blake (Niswonger) (Class Of 1939)  
Ione Cripe (Downs) (Class Of 1923)  
Edward Dishon (Class Of 1929)  
Jane Guthrie (Spencer) (Class Of 1913)  
Ara Hersham (Case) (Class Of 1893)  
Mildred Knight (Richardson) (Class Of 1913)  
Shirley MaHanna (Class Of 1941)  
Helen Meyers (Sincock) (Class Of 1906)  
Robert Toole (Class Of 1898)  

Harry Arnold (Class Of 1886)  
Clarence Bickell (Class Of 1897)  
Grace Coble (Fox) (Class Of 1905)  
Jennie Jackson (Bradshaw) (Class Of 1881)  
Raymond McCain (Class Of 1912)  
Ferris Mullendore (Class Of 1906)  
William Omelvena (Class Of 1896)  
Frank Pixler (Class Of 1897)  
Charles Pollard (Class Of 1900)  
Lake Rariden (Class Of 1914)  
Florence Scott (Ruth) (Class Of 1907)  
Ella Speece (Million) (Class Of 1877)  
Daisy Stephenson (Crawford) (Class Of 1896)  
Edgar Titlow (Class Of 1928)  

Roy Arnold (Class Of 1902)  
Rue Rhinehart (Scroggs) (Class Of 1891)  
Hazel Thompson (Class Of 1912)  
Francis Wilson (Class Of 1890)  

Charles Allison (Class Of 1890)  
Jennie Blanchard (Class Of 1905)  
Opal Cartwright (Wood) (Class Of 1886)  
Mary Martin (Calvert) (Class Of 1920)  
Edith McClure (Class Of 1886)  
Riley Mullendore (Class Of 1903)  
Minnie Rodgers (Ryan) (Class Of 1886)  

Blanche Imler (Warner) (Class Of 1905)  
Mary Loy (Spring) (Class Of 1918)  
Harry Milroy (Class Of 1886)  
John Mount (Class Of 1882)  
Josephine Shealy (Class Of 1886)  
Judson Shultz (Class Of 1873)  
Ferd Thomas (Class Of 1891)  

Georgia Gaylord (Coulter) (Class Of 1872)  
Robert Hefleng (Class Of 1927)  
Robert Hefling (Class Of 1926)  
Edna Huffer (Class Of 1925)  
Nancy Knight (Thomas) (Class Of 1883)  
Stella Nace (Crockett) (Class Of 1895)  
Sadie Roark (Dishon) (Class Of 1929)  

Minnie Bartoo (Class Of 1874)  
Josephine Crawford (Spayde) (Class Of 1879)  
Jennie Eversole (Niewerth) (Class Of 1886)  
Kathyln Irene Gilliam (Class Of 1933)  
Lizzie Holmes (Thompson) (Class Of 1878)  
Lilly Lyons (Robbins) (Class Of 1876)  
Anna Olds (Class Of 1883)  
William Rankin (Class Of 1879)  
Gwin Smith (Class Of 1913)  

Abner Bowen (Class Of 1870)  
Kathy Gillam (Class Of 1933)  
Anna Gist (Hubbard) (Class Of 1889)  
Emerson Knight (Class Of 1910)  
Lilly Robinson (Wickendin) (Class Of 1882)  
Lou Sims (Rose) (Class Of 1884)  
Orpha Smith (Wright) (Class Of 1904)  
Jennie Young (Class Of 1879)  

Robert Cochrane (Class Of 1918)  
Helen Erb (Class Of 1928)  
Florence Mae Holmes (Hay) (Class Of 1886)  
Charles Jester (Class Of 1922)  
Grace Sims (Pigman) (Class Of 1879)  

Ernest Claypool (Class Of 1883)  
Belle Fisher (Cowan) (Class Of 1878)  
Wilma Kirkpatrick (Coleman) (Class Of 1910)  
Jane Olds (Class Of 1884)  
Emerson Everett Schnepp (Class Of 1889)  
Mildred Whiteman (Class Of 1924)  

Mary Benjamin (Class Of 1914)  
Emma Bennet (Dame) (Class Of 1883)  
Adelaide Corey (Class Of 1884)  
Charles Fisher (Class Of 1876)  
Luella Kashner (Dickison) (Class Of 1893)  
Ella McClure (Shultz) (Class Of 1877)  
Edith Robinson (Thompson) (Class Of 1916)  
Elmo Sheets (Class Of 1921)  
Joseph Sims (Class Of 1879)  
Adeline VanOstran (Hawkins) (Class Of 1916)  
Amanda Wagoner (Class Of 1907)  
William Wason (Class Of 1927)  

Aaron Charles (Class Of 1873)  
Isabelle Donbeck (MaHanna) (Class Of 1918)  
Laura Griffith (Class Of 1878)  
Roy Jordan (Class Of 1905)  
George Julien (Class Of 1878)  
Ruby Kenworthy (Class Of 1931)  
Joan Murphy (McHardie) (Class Of 1918)  
Lou Sonfeldt (Wiseman) (Class Of 1879)  
Verna Trawin (Class Of 1920)  

Mildred Casad (Class Of 1922)  
William Crampton (Class Of 1921)  
Leora Dickison (Buck) (Class Of 1917)  
Edna Disinger (Class Of 1922)  
Addie Garret (Milroy) (Class Of 1880)  
Mary Hubbard (Wootan) (Class Of 1919)  
Florence Keith (Class Of 1889)  
Vera Logan (Bohannon) (Class Of 1910)  
Ida McCain (Jackson) (Class Of 1877)  
Charles Milroy (Class Of 1874)  
Florence Roach (Dobbins) (Class Of 1909)  
Lora Vanscoy (Class Of 1925)  

Clifford Cleaver (Class Of 1926)  
Vera Dilling (Cripe) (Class Of 1918)  
Carrie Dock (Groninger) (Class Of 1911)  
Fannie Higginbotham (McCracken) (Class Of 1878)  
Ella Milroy (Ballard) (Class Of 1875)  
Leola Short (Class Of 1926)  
James Waddell (Class Of 1907)  

Anna Ballard (Dimmick) (Class Of 1878)  
Gertrude Beal (Leppert) (Class Of 1900)  
Emma Gruber (Howell) (Class Of 1874)  
Katie Hoaglan (Smith) (Class Of 1920)  
Ruby Hufty (Rush) (Class Of 1911)  
Bailey Martin (Class Of 1876)  
Mary Martin (Dodge) (Class Of 1889)  
Irene McArdle (Bauer) (Class Of 1920)  
Edward Rohrabaugh (Class Of 1891)  
Will Shultz (Class Of 1880)  
Isey May Sink (Lowe) (Class Of 1913)  
Dean Smith (Class Of 1916)  
Josie Wilson (Everett) (Class Of 1907)  
Lillie Wingard (Class Of 1921)  

Clifford Atkinson (Class Of 1917)  
Pearl Coble (Castle) (Class Of 1909)  
Emma Lee (Hoshaw) (Class Of 1921)  
Josephine Lyon (Boyd) (Class Of 1886)

Pearl Roach (Brooke) (Class Of 1899)  
Rosser Titlow (Class Of 1883)  
Della VanAtta (Class Of 1885)  

William Conway (Class Of 1908)  
Evelyn Cripe (Brown) (Class Of 1921)  
Edith Dilling (Class Of 1919)  
Albert Lynch (Class Of 1896)  

Mary Brooke (Class Of 1921)  
Esther Giles (Buley) (Class Of 1916)  
Dorothy Harner (Class Of 1918)  
Jewell Seawright (Class Of 1896)  

John Anderson (Class Of 1912)  
Cora Dobbins (Menaugh) (Class Of 1907)  
Leonard Hoshaw (Class Of 1921)  
Edith McCain (O'Connor) (Class Of 1907)  

Gertrude Clawson (Class Of 1920)  
Blanche Eversole (Baum) (Class Of 1889)  
Harry Goslee (Class Of 1913)  

Pearl Adams (Million) (Class Of 1912)  
Harry Bohannon (Class Of 1908)  
William Bohm (Class Of 1908)  
George Garrison (Class Of 1915)  
Trawin Hefner (Class Of 1908)  
Ray Honan (Class Of 1909)  
Bessie Robbins (Class Of 1911)  
Charles Sims (Class Of 1903)  

Frank Cochrane (Class Of 1890)  
Mary Harley (Rhinehart) (Class Of 1876)  
Charles Haugh (Class Of 1900)  
Lucious Higginbotham (Class Of 1879)  
Hazel Schenck (Class Of 1916)  
Floyd Swartz (Class Of 1914)  
Reed Titlow (Class Of 1892)  
Guy Williams (Class Of 1900)  

Julia Gregg (Foreman) (Class Of 1904)  
Florence Pollard (Class Of 1904)  
Bernarldine Surface (Class Of 1909)  

Stella Dimmick (Higginbotham) (Class Of 1879)  
John Gwinn (Class Of 1878)  
James Kiley (Class Of 1882)  
Earl Walker (Class Of 1880)  

Harvey Carithers (Class Of 1905)  
Larry Jackson (Class Of 1903)  
Robert Pollard (Class Of 1873)  

Lottie Coble (Class Of 1904)  
Opal Hawkins (Class Of 1906)  

Florence Ball (Cartwright) (Class Of 1896)  
Minnie Creek (Bridgeon) (Class Of 1890)  
Clyde Fiant (Class Of 1902)  
Marjory Wood (Class Of 1910)  

Minnie Calvert (Class Of 1907)  

Jane Breeze (Class Of 1901)  

Cris Burkholder (Class Of 1895)  
Will Milroy (Class Of 1889)  

Blanche Heiny (Class Of 1897)  
Rebecca Wason (Kneedson) (Class Of 1885)  

Ruth Robinson (Class Of 1906)  

James O'Connor (Class Of 1901)  

Ella Ream (Class Of 1883)  

H. A. Fairchild (Class Of 1880)  
Carrie Scott (Cox) (Class Of 1876)  
Dora Stranahan (Green) (Class Of 1893)  

Nina Almond (Class Of 1899)  
Bergen Applegate (Class Of 1884)  
Dorothy Baum (Mead) (Class Of 1934)
Ruth Bougher (Class Of 1946)  
Burton Calvert (Class Of 1884)  
Jessie Cartwright (Smith) (Class Of 1881)  
Onie Cartwright (Johnson) (Class Of 1889)
Louis Christie (McAuley) (Class Of 1939)  
Helen Coble (Corns) (Class Of 1924)  
Virginia Denk (Ball) (Class Of 1941)  
Fay Draper (Tratch) (Class Of 1917)  
Georgia Dunkle (Decker) (Class Of 1888)
Jerry Fife (Class Of 1957)
Lycurgus Fisher (Class Of 1880)  
Gordon Flora (Class Of 1943)  
William Green (Class Of 1956)
Thelma Gustavel (Bossert) (Class Of 1921)  
Lottie Hawkins (Pollard) (Class Of 1907)  
Clarence Hayes (Class Of 1947)
Lillian Haynes (Thompson) (Class Of 1914)  
William Hayward (Class Of 1888)
Patricia Hicks (Class Of 1965)
Elda Holmes (Rassor) (Class Of 1922)
Tim Hoopingarner (Class Of 1980)
Daisy Inglee (Johnson) (Class Of 1888)
Olive Jones (Reed) (Class Of 1918)  
Gene Kidwell (Class Of 1964)
Annette Landis (Sink) (Class Of 1925)  
Martha Landis (White) (Class Of 1922)  
Lois Mcain (Sciacchitano) (Class Of 1934)
James McCain (Class Of 1954)
Mattie Miller (Loser) (Class Of 1888)
Anna Montman (Class Of 1888)
Rose Moyer (Perrigo) (Class Of 1902)  
Phyllis Mullin (Class Of 1974)  
C. Clay Pearson (Class Of 1907)  
Carolyn A. Pearson (Hitchcock) (Class Of 1941)  
Maggie Prough (Class Of 1882)  
Bob Robertson (Class Of 1946)
Greta Robinson (Long) (Class Of 1923)  
Debra Rozhon (Class Of 1977)
Edwin Ryan (Class Of 1878)  
Willis Seawright (Class Of 1887)  
John Shaffer (Class Of 1908)  
Robert Shaffer (Class Of 1934)  
Emma Shealy (Howard) (Class Of 1880)  
Barbara Shepard (Class Of 1951)
Mary Sites (Kintigh) (Class Of 1922)  
Billy Smith (Class Of 1946)
Stella Stewart (Aldridge) (Class Of 1925)  
William Vaughan (Class Of 1958)  
James Warren (Class Of 1957)
Deborah Weaver (Class Of 1970)
Sherry Weaver (Class Of 1964)
Jane Welker (Class Of 1941)  

Teran Armstrong  
Jack R. Heath  

Laura Baker  
Mary VanSickle  

John Beach  
Linda Lewellen  
Joyce Sanderson  

Mike Jones  
Jim Lichtenberger  

George Ringer  
Connie Spitler (Hoffman)  

Joanne Accola (Gasser)  
Jane Berkebile (Moore)  
Tony Berto  
James Christ  
Robert Jerry  
Hazel Stockrahm (Mullin)  
George Swan  

Bedeva Bowling  
Barbara Buchanon  
Bob Conner  
Beverly Hanaway (Hamelman)  
John Miller  
Don Wesner  

Mary Louise Foster  
Reed McCormick  
Rudolph Minneman  

Lois Beesley  
Bob Tyner  

Dorothy Johnson  
Carol Wolfe  

John Connelly  
Georgia Foster