Mary O'Farrell Miller

Profile Updated: June 12, 2024
Class Year: 1963
Residing In: Indianapolis, IN USA
Spouse/Partner: Fathi Abou-Afia - passed away from stroke
Occupation: Indoor Air Quality Assessment/Mold Inspector / Certified Nutritionist and Specialty Cooking for Cancer Patients
Children: Son, Joseph, born 1985 - Is 6'4" "My Jolly Green Giant". I am 5'3" tall and his Father was 5'9" tall.

Joseph at 13 years old was diagnosed with Asthma and prescribed 4 Inhalers!
As a Mom I panicked. A friend loaned us a high tech air purifier and within 4 months he was off the inhalers and never had to use again. As it turned out there was mold in the subfloor of our home and he was allergic to the mold spores, who would have known. That experience put me into the indoor breathing environment field and have been helping families and individuals ever since with health conditions such as COPD, pneumonia, bronchitis, snoring, sinus congestion, allergies to pet dander to lessen their lung breathing health conditions. Worked in this field for the past 28 years and have shipped this high tech equipment all over the USA that has been 3rd party tested in a Government Military Facility and even eradicates covid-19 in less than 5 minutes. Offer a 30-day money back guarantee if will keep in contact every 3-4 days to receive the most benefit from the equipment!
Also helping people with health conditions that can't seem to get under control by wearing stem cell activation patches - uses your own body heat and not IVS or costly injections! Who would have thought or known that our Stem Cells are the Foundation of our Bodies! The info site gives a lot of information on this 20 yr old American Chinese ingredients!
Have been using the patches for 15 months and eliminated my cold hands and feet had all my life; Sciatica pain of one weekend could not walk or get in and out of bed, wore the pain patch and by end of weekend walking up and down stairs...and...the sciatica NEVER RETURNED!
Had neuropathy so painful in bottom of feet would wake me up at night screaming in pain, after wearing the patches for 18-19 weeks the pain is gone and has NEVER RETURNED! I know, sounds to good to be true, but once you try at this inexpensive pricing, you will be grateful and thankful as I was!
Blessings to You and Your Health! "If you do not take care of your Health, you will be forced to take care of your Disease"!
Please contact me and I will be glad to assist to obtain wholesale like I did.
Reverse Aging...not Anti Aging! Will be glad to send you a packet of information. 30 patches, wear 1 per day $99.95/month.

School Story:

Wanted to take a few minutes to thank you One and All for the awesome Birthday Wishes forwarded to me on my Birthday - June 11th. And also the Best Wishes for the Birthday Year Ahead. Received quite a few Birthday Cards and was fun to open them, as well as flowers, gifts and an awesome meal at Sakura Japanese Restaurant in Indianapolis, Indiana.
(The type of specialty ingredients served that I have prepared for Cancer patients (macrobiotics lifestyle of eating) and was referred by doctors and others to me to assist in turning health around with whole foods, organic ingredients!)

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