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Charles Geheb

Charles Geheb

Charles E. Geheb, 83, formerly of Delphi passed away Jan. 15, 2007, at 3:25 p.m. at St. Elizabeth Healthcare Center, Delphi. He had been a resident there since Sept. 14, 2006.
Mr. Geheb was born Sept. 20, 1923, in Marshall, Ill., to Carl and Nellie Davisson Geheb. His marriage was to Mary M. Reasor in Marshall on June 2, 1948. She preceded him in death Oct. 4, 2002.
Mr. Geheb was a 1940 graduate of Marshall High School. He received his B.S. in Education from Indiana State University in 1947, his first Masters degree in science from Purdue University in 1953 and a Masters degree in chemistry in 1961.
He was a World War II Air Force veteran, serving in the South Pacific, as a navigator on a B-29 bomber stationed in Guam from 1942 to 1945. He then served 28 years with the Air Force Reserves, retiring as a Lt. Colonel in 1973.
Mr. Geheb taught chemistry, physics and advanced math at Delphi Community High School for 43 years, retiring in 1990. He was a four-year member of a steering committee for the Regional Science Fairs, and presented science related papers at eight Indiana colleges and universities and three times to the Indiana State Teachers Association.

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09/25/09 12:28 PM #1    

Matt Phillips (1985)

Mr. Geheb taught me 2-3 times more chemistry than I ever learnt in college. I now have a good job in the chemical field, hold 5 patents, and have 16 papers. This is only because of the knowledge and interest in discovery Mr. Geheb gave me.

10/03/09 09:37 AM #2    

Luigi Conte (1966)

Mr Geheb was my teacher when I was there as AFS student (1965-1966). He gave me such a beautiful and impressive educational footprint. No other teacher was so skilfull, later when I attended Italian University. I saw him again with Barbara Walker (2001) when I came there for the 66 class reunion. It was a great day for me to tell him how meaningfull he has been for me. Thanks to him. Gino

10/08/09 11:44 PM #3    

James W. Carrier (1951)

Mr. Geheb was my Physics,Algebra and Advanced Algebra teacher. He would have been my Chemistry teacher also but I couldn't take Chemistry. There were too many student, in my class, who going to college, that the class was limited. I loved Algebra and advanced Algebra. After almost 60 years, how many of you students remember this:: X=-B plus or minus square root of B squared minus 4 AC over 2 A Mr Gehab attended several of our class (1951)reunions.After his stroke, I remember seeing his wife help him in the side door of St. Joseph Church to attend Mass. I never will forget Charlie Geheb.

04/20/10 08:10 PM #4    

Richard Cope (1966)

Mr Geheb was probably my favorite teacher. I had him for Algebra II, Chemistry, Physics, Semi-Micro Quantitive Analysis.  I loved all the things he had in his lab/classroom.  Mr Geheb was my neighbor, also.  He just lived across the railroad tracks from me.

I was first intorduce to Mr Geheb and his amazing lab when I was in the 5th grade.  Mrs. McCormicK was my teacher and in science class we were studying about siphoning water from one level to a lower level.  Mrs. McCormick took me upstairs (to the high school area) and Mr Geheb's classroom.  We asked if he weould help me make a glass tube u-shaped siphon.  He showed me how to cut pyrex glass tubing and heat up with a bunsen burner to make a bend in it.  This was a remarkable thing for me.  Remember, I was in the 5th grade!

I always enjoyed his classes and learned a lot from him.  I also loved his stories about flying and atomic energy and Nuclear Bombs.  Being a Geek, I often played chess in his class during lunch hour.  I was also in the Sci-Math Club.  I was the Geek who showed movies for the teachers and I played the records for the dances.  Not because I knew anything about the songs, but I knew how to hook up the amplifier and speakers.  Remember we didn't have sterio and our amplifiers were tube type.  And we played 45's.

One thing I think I admired about him was his character.  He was a very good role model for me and a lot of other people.  I can't imagine him lying about something or being deceitful.  I also loved his stories about being a navigator in the Air Force.  He may have influenced me in going into the Air Force.  Mr Geheb was also the voice of the basketball and football games, announcing every one I remember.

Mr. Geheb you were admired and appreciated by me and I think a lot of others!

Rick Cope

"Class of 66"

08/09/20 02:25 PM #5    

Ed Wagoner (1956)

Mr. Geheb was my favorite and most respected teacher.  Aside from being a great teacher, he diciplined me on one occasion.  That occasion was possibly one of my life's most positive turning pointsl. I will always remember him and appreciate him as a mentor.

Ed Wagoner, 1956


04/09/24 06:35 PM #6    

Candi Pastor (Harrison) (1968)

I had Mr. Geheb in both 8th and 9th grade, and he remains one of my very favorite teachers.  I remember being scared to death to look at the test scores when he posted them -  he was a tough teacher.  But I can honestly say that getting an A from Charles Geheb was one of my proudest accomplisments.  He was a brilliant man and a great role model for his students, the kids he coached, and anyone who had the privilege of being around him.  Well done, Mr. Geheb.  Well done.

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