Classmate Profiles (1956)

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     Profile contains photos: 4
     In Memory: 35
     Contains "In Memory" entry: 34
     Military Service: 11
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Janet Allen
Annabelle Ashba
Nancy Ashba (Saulmon)   
Ruth Barnett
Kim Black
Carol Bowman (Martin)   
Betty Brown
Evelyn Brown (Calvert)   
Barbara Browne
Tom Buchanan    
Judith Busch
Gordon Calhoun
Jerry Capper     
Toby Cedarquist
Janice Coghill (Ward)   
Betty Jean Cole (Sprague)   
Linda Coomey (Kimble)
Jim Cope   
Nancy Cowen   
Patricia Crowder (Measels)   
Barbara Dillman (Cook)   
Jean Ann Draper
Neal Eikenberry
Dorothy Elston
Catherine Farner (McHaffie)   
Janice Fife
Phyllis Flora
Connie Franklin
James Gates  
Phillip Girton   
James Goff
William Green  
Lowell Groninger   
Justine Hackett (Cunningham)   
John Hanna   
Dick Hathaway   
Wayne Hathaway
Laura Heffley
Jacqueline Herron
James Hodges
William Humphrey    
Jerome Jeffries   
John Johnson    
Mike Johnson   
Donald Keller   
Jean Kite
Carol Ann Lamb (McGreevey)   
Dorothy Lane (Hathaway)   
Susie Lang (Schroeder)   
Paul Laprad   
Arlene Longshore
Dick Lowery   
Charles Lybrook    
Mikhail Lyons
Frances Martin   
Doug McCain   
Fred McCain    
Donald McLemore   
Esther Myers (Faurote)   
Marlene Myers (McDaniel)   
Alfred Nelson   
Judith Orr
Wayne Pearson   
Bill Peterson    
Harold Powell
Kay Rehwinkle
Jean Rodenbarger
Guy Selleck
Dena Sheets
Duane Smith   
Robert Smith   
Linda Snoeberger (Williams)    
Marilou Snyder (Broadbent)   
Wilford Sprowl    
Willard Sprowl
Annabelle Sullivan
Carolyn Talbert (Wagner)   
Norma Trapp (Houser)   
Phyllis Trapp
Carol Underhill (Ward)  
Dolorita Vianco (Gaunt)   
Eleanor Vianco (Sprowl)
Ed Wagoner    
Larry Wallace   
Beth Waye
Gary Weaver
Leonard Wentzell
Ronald White
Deanna Whiteman (Pearson)
Ted Williams   
Paul Wray    
Lois Young (Dusthimer)   
Harold Zook   

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